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HCPCS Procedure & Supply Codes

Durable Medical Equipment (DME)

section notes

Hospital Beds and Accessories

section notes
E0250 Hosp bed fixed ht w/ mattres
E0251 Hosp bed fixd ht w/o mattres
E0255 Hospital bed var ht w/ mattr
E0256 Hospital bed var ht w/o matt
E0260 Hosp bed semi-electr w/ matt
E0261 Hosp bed semi-electr w/o mat
E0265 Hosp bed total electr w/ mat
E0266 Hosp bed total elec w/o matt
E0270 Hospital bed institutional t
E0271 Mattress innerspring
E0272 Mattress foam rubber
E0273 Bed board
E0274 Over-bed table
E0275 Bed pan standard
E0276 Bed pan fracture
E0277 Powered pres-redu air mattrs
E0280 Bed cradle
E0290 Hosp bed fx ht w/o rails w/m
E0291 Hosp bed fx ht w/o rail w/o
E0292 Hosp bed var ht no sr w/matt
E0293 Hosp bed var ht no sr no mat
E0294 Hosp bed semi-elect w/ mattr
E0295 Hosp bed semi-elect w/o matt
E0296 Hosp bed total elect w/ matt
E0297 Hosp bed total elect w/o mat
E0300 Enclosed ped crib hosp grade
E0301 Hd hosp bed, 350-600 lbs
E0302 Ex hd hosp bed > 600 lbs
E0303 Hosp bed hvy dty xtra wide
E0304 Hosp bed xtra hvy dty x wide
E0305 Rails bed side half length
E0310 Rails bed side full length
E0315 Bed accessory brd/tbl/supprt
E0316 Bed safety enclosure
E0325 Urinal male jug-type
E0326 Urinal female jug-type
E0328 Ped hospital bed, manual
E0329 Ped hospital bed semi/elect
E0350 Control unit bowel system
E0352 Disposable pack w/bowel syst
E0370 Air elevator for heel
E0371 Nonpower mattress overlay
E0372 Powered air mattress overlay
E0373 Nonpowered pressure mattress
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