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HCPCS Procedure & Supply Codes

Durable Medical Equipment (DME)

section notes

Oxygen and Related Respiratory Equipment

section notes
E0424 Stationary compressed gas 02
E0425 Gas system stationary compre
E0430 Oxygen system gas portable
E0431 Portable gaseous 02
E0433 Portable liquid oxygen sys
E0434 Portable liquid 02
E0435 Oxygen system liquid portabl
E0439 Stationary liquid 02
E0440 Oxygen system liquid station
E0441 Stationary o2 contents, gas
E0442 Stationary o2 contents, liq
E0443 Portable 02 contents, gas
E0444 Portable 02 contents, liquid
E0445 Oximeter non-invasive
E0446 Topical ox deliver sys, nos
E0447 Port o2 cont, liq over 4 lpm
E0455 Oxygen tent excl croup/ped t
E0457 Chest shell
E0459 Chest wrap
E0462 Rocking bed w/ or w/o side r
E0465E0467   Home Ventilator
E0470 Rad w/o backup non-inv intfc
E0471 Rad w/backup non inv intrfc
E0472 Rad w backup invasive intrfc
E0480 Percussor elect/pneum home m
E0481 Intrpulmnry percuss vent sys
E0482 Cough stimulating device
E0483 Hi freq chest wall oscil sys
E0484 Non-elec oscillatory pep dvc
E0485 Oral device/appliance prefab
E0486 Oral device/appliance cusfab
E0487 Electronic spirometer
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