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HCPCS Procedure & Supply Codes

Durable Medical Equipment (DME)

section notes

Other Orthopedic Devices

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Wheelchair Accessories (Cont.)

section notes
E2201 Man w/ch acc seat w>=20"<24"
E2202 Seat width 24-27 in
E2203 Frame depth less than 22 in
E2204 Frame depth 22 to 25 in
E2205 Manual wc accessory, handrim
E2206 Man wc whl lock comp repl ea
E2207 Crutch and cane holder
E2208 Cylinder tank carrier
E2209 Arm trough each
E2210 Wheelchair bearings
E2211 Pneumatic propulsion tire
E2212 Pneumatic prop tire tube
E2213 Pneumatic prop tire insert
E2214 Pneumatic caster tire each
E2215 Pneumatic caster tire tube
E2216 Foam filled propulsion tire
E2217 Foam filled caster tire each
E2218 Foam propulsion tire each
E2219 Foam caster tire any size ea
E2220 Solid propuls tire, repl, ea
E2221 Solid caster tire repl, each
E2222 Solid caster integ whl, repl
E2224 Propulsion whl excl tire rep
E2225 Caster wheel excludes tire
E2226 Caster fork replacement only
E2227 Gear reduction drive wheel
E2228 Mwc acc, wheelchair brake
E2230 Manual standing system
E2231 Solid seat support base
E2291 Planar back for ped size wc
E2292 Planar seat for ped size wc
E2293 Contour back for ped size wc
E2294 Contour seat for ped size wc
E2295 Ped dynamic seating frame
E2300 Pwr seat elevation sys
E2301 Pwr standing
E2310 Electro connect btw control
E2311 Electro connect btw 2 sys
E2312 Mini-prop remote joystick
E2313 Pwc harness, expand control
E2321 Hand interface joystick
E2322 Mult mech switches
E2323 Special joystick handle
E2324 Chin cup interface
E2325 Sip and puff interface
E2326 Breath tube kit
E2327 Head control interface mech
E2328 Head/extremity control inter
E2329 Head control nonproportional
E2330 Head control proximity switc
E2331 Attendant control
E2340 W/c wdth 20-23 in seat frame
E2341 W/c wdth 24-27 in seat frame
E2342 W/c dpth 20-21 in seat frame
E2343 W/c dpth 22-25 in seat frame
E2351 Electronic sgd interface
E2358 Gr 34 nonsealed leadacid
E2359 Gr34 sealed leadacid battery
E2360 22nf nonsealed leadacid
E2361 22nf sealed leadacid battery
E2362 Gr24 nonsealed leadacid
E2363 Gr24 sealed leadacid battery
E2364 U1nonsealed leadacid battery
E2365 U1 sealed leadacid battery
E2366 Battery charger, single mode
E2367 Battery charger, dual mode
E2368 Pwr wc drivewheel motor repl
E2369 Pwr wc drivewheel gear repl
E2370 Pwr wc dr wh motor/gear comb
E2371 Gr27 sealed leadacid battery
E2372 Gr27 non-sealed leadacid
E2373 Hand/chin ctrl spec joystick
E2374 Hand/chin ctrl std joystick
E2375 Non-expandable controller
E2376 Expandable controller, repl
E2377 Expandable controller, initl
E2378 Pw actuator replacement
E2381 Pneum drive wheel tire
E2382 Tube, pneum wheel drive tire
E2383 Insert, pneum wheel drive
E2384 Pneumatic caster tire
E2385 Tube, pneumatic caster tire
E2386 Foam filled drive wheel tire
E2387 Foam filled caster tire
E2388 Foam drive wheel tire
E2389 Foam caster tire
E2390 Solid drive wheel tire
E2391 Solid caster tire
E2392 Solid caster tire, integrate
E2394 Drive wheel excludes tire
E2395 Caster wheel excludes tire
E2396 Caster fork
E2397 Pwc acc, lith-based battery
E2398 Wc dynamic pos back hardware
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