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HCPCS Procedure & Supply Codes

Durable Medical Equipment (DME)

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Other Orthopedic Devices

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Wheelchair Accessories (Cont.)

section notes
E2601 Gen w/c cushion wdth < 22 in
E2602 Gen w/c cushion wdth >=22 in
E2603 Skin protect wc cus wd <22in
E2604 Skin protect wc cus wd>=22in
E2605 Position wc cush wdth <22 in
E2606 Position wc cush wdth>=22 in
E2607 Skin pro/pos wc cus wd <22in
E2608 Skin pro/pos wc cus wd>=22in
E2609 Custom fabricate w/c cushion
E2610 Powered w/c cushion
E2611 Gen use back cush wdth <22in
E2612 Gen use back cush wdth>=22in
E2613 Position back cush wd <22in
E2614 Position back cush wd>=22in
E2615 Pos back post/lat wdth <22in
E2616 Pos back post/lat wdth>=22in
E2617 Custom fab w/c back cushion
E2619 Replace cover w/c seat cush
E2620 Wc planar back cush wd <22in
E2621 Wc planar back cush wd>=22in
E2622 Adj skin pro w/c cus wd<22in
E2623 Adj skin pro wc cus wd>=22in
E2624 Adj skin pro/pos cus<22in
E2625 Adj skin pro/pos wc cus>=22
E2626 Seo mobile arm sup att to wc
E2627 Arm supp att to wc rancho ty
E2628 Mobile arm supports reclinin
E2629 Friction dampening arm supp
E2630 Monosuspension arm/hand supp
E2631 Elevat proximal arm support
E2632 Offset/lat rocker arm w/ela
E2633 Mobile arm support supinator
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