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HCPCS Procedure & Supply Codes

Temporary Codes For DMERCS

section notes

Supplies Including Infusion Pump

section notes
K0455 Pump uninterrupted infusion
K0462 Temporary replacement eqpmnt
K0552 Sup/ext non-ins inf pump syr
K0553 Ther cgm supply allowance
K0554 Ther cgm receiver/monitor
K0601 Repl batt silver oxide 1.5 v
K0602 Repl batt silver oxide 3 v
K0603 Repl batt alkaline 1.5 v
K0604 Repl batt lithium 3.6 v
K0605 Repl batt lithium 4.5 v
K0606 Aed garment w elec analysis
K0607 Repl batt for aed
K0608 Repl garment for aed
K0609 Repl electrode for aed
K0669 Seat/back cus no dmepdac ver
K0672 Removable soft interface le
K0730 Ctrl dose inh drug deliv sys
K0733 12-24hr sealed lead acid
K0738 Portable gas oxygen system
K0739 Repair/svc dme non-oxygen eq
K0740 Repair/svc oxygen equipment
K0743 Portable home suction pump
K0744 Absorp drg <= 16 suc pump
K0745 Absorp drg >16<=48 suc pump
K0746 Absorp drg >48 suc pump
K0800 Pov group 1 std up to 300lbs
K0801 Pov group 1 hd 301-450 lbs
K0802 Pov group 1 vhd 451-600 lbs
K0806 Pov group 2 std up to 300lbs
K0807 Pov group 2 hd 301-450 lbs
K0808 Pov group 2 vhd 451-600 lbs
K0812 Power operated vehicle noc
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