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HCPCS Procedure & Supply Codes

Drugs Administered

section notes

Miscellaneous Drugs and Solutions

section notes
J7030 Normal saline solution infus
J7040 Normal saline solution infus
J7042 5% dextrose/normal saline
J7050 Normal saline solution infus
J7060 5% dextrose/water
J7070 D5w infusion
J7100 Dextran 40 infusion
J7110 Dextran 75 infusion
J7120 Ringers lactate infusion
J7121 5% dextrose in lac ringers
J7131 Hypertonic saline sol
J7178 Inj human fibrinogen con nos
J7180 Factor xiii anti-hem factor
J7181 Factor xiii recomb a-subunit
J7182 Factor viii recomb novoeight
J7183 Wilate injection
J7185 Xyntha inj
J7186 Antihemophilic viii/vwf comp
J7187 Humate-p, inj
J7188 Factor viii recomb obizur
J7189 Factor viia recomb novoseven
J7190 Factor viii
J7191 Factor viii (porcine)
J7192 Factor viii recombinant nos
J7193 Factor ix non-recombinant
J7194 Factor ix complex
J7195 Factor ix recombinant nos
J7196 Antithrombin recombinant
J7197 Antithrombin iii injection
J7198 Anti-inhibitor
J7199 Hemophilia clot factor noc
J7200 Factor ix recombinan rixubis
J7201 Factor ix alprolix recomb
J7205 Factor viii fc fusion recomb
J7208 Inj. jivi 1 iu
J7296 Kyleena, 19.5 mg
J7297 Liletta, 52 mg
J7298 Mirena, 52 mg
J7300 Intraut copper contraceptive
J7301 Skyla, 13.5 mg
J7303 Contraceptive vaginal ring
J7304 Contraceptive hormone patch
J7306 Levonorgestrel implant sys
J7307 Etonogestrel implant system
J7308 Aminolevulinic acid hcl top
J7309 Methyl aminolevulinate, top
J7310 Ganciclovir long act implant
J7312 Dexamethasone intra implant
J7315 Ophthalmic mitomycin
J7316 Inj, ocriplasmin, 0.125 mg
J7320 Genvisc 850, inj, 1mg
J7322 Hymovis injection 1 mg
J7326 Gel-one
J7330 Cultured chondrocytes implnt
J7336 Capsaicin 8% patch
J7340 Carbidopa levodopa ent 100ml
J7342 Ciprofloxacin otic susp 6 mg
J7345 Aminolevulinic acid, 10% gel
J9030 Bcg live intravesical 1mg
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