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HCPCS Procedure & Supply Codes

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section notes


section notes
S2053 Transplantation of small int
S2054 Transplantation of multivisc
S2055 Harvesting of donor multivis
S2060 Lobar lung transplantation
S2061 Donor lobectomy (lung)
S2065 Simult panc kidn trans
S2066 Breast gap flap reconst
S2067 Breast "stacked" diep/gap
S2068 Breast diep or siea flap
S2070 Cysto laser tx ureteral calc
S2079 Lap esophagomyotomy
S2080 Laup
S2083 Adjustment gastric band
S2095 Transcath emboliz microspher
S2102 Islet cell tissue transplant
S2103 Adrenal tissue transplant
S2107 Adoptive immunotherapy
S2112 Knee arthroscp harv
S2115 Periacetabular osteotomy
S2117 Arthroereisis, subtalar
S2118 Total hip resurfacing
S2120 Low density lipoprotein(ldl)
S2140 Cord blood harvesting
S2142 Cord blood-derived stem-cell
S2150 Bmt harv/transpl 28d pkg
S2152 Solid organ transpl pkg
S2202 Echosclerotherapy
S2205 Minimally invasive direct co
S2206 Minimally invasive direct co
S2207 Minimally invasive direct co
S2208 Minimally invasive direct co
S2209 Minimally invasive direct co
S2225 Myringotomy laser-assist
S2230 Implant semi-imp hear
S2235 Implant auditory brain imp
S2260 Induced abortion 17-24 weeks
S2265 Induced abortion 25-28 wks
S2266 Induced abortion 29-31 wks
S2267 Induced abortion 32 or more
S2300 Arthroscopy, shoulder, surgi
S2325 Hip core decompression
S2340 Chemodenervation of abductor
S2341 Chemodenerv adduct vocal
S2342 Nasal endoscop po debrid
S2348 Decompress disc rf lumbar
S2350 Diskectomy, anterior, with d
S2351 Diskectomy, anterior, with d
S2400 Fetal surg congen hernia
S2401 Fetal surg urin trac obstr
S2402 Fetal surg cong cyst malf
S2403 Fetal surg pulmon sequest
S2404 Fetal surg myelomeningo
S2405 Fetal surg sacrococ teratoma
S2409 Fetal surg noc
S2411 Fetoscop laser ther ttts
S2900 Robotic surgical system
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