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HCPCS Procedure & Supply Codes

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section notes


section notes
S3000 Bilat dil retinal exam
S3005 Eval self-assess depression
S3600 Stat lab
S3601 Stat lab home/nf
S3620 Newborn metabolic screening
S3630 Eosinophil blood count
S3645 Hiv-1 antibody testing of or
S3650 Saliva test, hormone level;
S3652 Saliva test, hormone level;
S3655 Antisperm antibodies test
S3708 Gastrointestinal fat absorpt
S3722 Dose optimization auc - 5fu
S3800 Genetic testing als
S3840 Dna analysis ret-oncogene
S3841 Gene test retinoblastoma
S3842 Gene test hippel-lindau
S3844 Dna analysis deafness
S3845 Gene test alpha-thalassemia
S3846 Gene test beta-thalassemia
S3849 Gene test niemann-pick
S3850 Gene test sickle cell
S3852 Dna analysis apoe alzheimer
S3853 Gene test myo musclr dyst
S3854 Gene profile panel breast
S3861 Genetic test brugada
S3865 Comp genet test hyp cardiomy
S3866 Spec gene test hyp cardiomy
S3870 Cgh test developmental delay
S3900 Surface emg
S3902 Ballistocardiogram
S3904 Masters two step
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