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HCPCS Procedure & Supply Codes

Private Payer Codes

section notes


section notes
S5000 Prescription drug, generic
S5001 Prescription drug,brand name
S5010 5% dextrose and 0.45% saline
S5012 5% dextrose with potassium
S5013 5%dextrose/0.45%saline1000ml
S5014 D5w/0.45ns w kcl and mgs04
S5035 Hit routine device maint
S5036 Hit device repair
S5100 Adult daycare services 15min
S5101 Adult day care per half day
S5102 Adult day care per diem
S5105 Centerbased day care perdiem
S5108 Homecare train pt 15 min
S5109 Homecare train pt session
S5110 Family homecare training 15m
S5111 Family homecare train/sessio
S5115 Nonfamily homecare train/15m
S5116 Nonfamily hc train/session
S5120 Chore services per 15 min
S5121 Chore services per diem
S5125 Attendant care service /15m
S5126 Attendant care service /diem
S5130 Homaker service nos per 15m
S5131 Homemaker service nos /diem
S5135 Adult companioncare per 15m
S5136 Adult companioncare per diem
S5140 Adult foster care per diem
S5141 Adult foster care per month
S5145 Child fostercare th per diem
S5146 Ther fostercare child /month
S5150 Unskilled respite care /15m
S5151 Unskilled respitecare /diem
S5160 Emer response sys instal&tst
S5161 Emer rspns sys serv permonth
S5162 Emer rspns system purchase
S5165 Home modifications per serv
S5170 Homedelivered prepared meal
S5175 Laundry serv,ext,prof,/order
S5180 Hh respiratory thrpy in eval
S5181 Hh respiratory thrpy nos/day
S5185 Med reminder serv per month
S5190 Wellness assessment by nonph
S5199 Personal care item nos each
S5497 Hit cath care noc
S5498 Hit simple cath care
S5501 Hit complex cath care
S5502 Hit interim cath care
S5517 Hit declotting kit
S5518 Hit cath repair kit
S5520 Hit picc insert kit
S5521 Hit midline cath insert kit
S5522 Hit picc insert no supp
S5523 Hip midline cath insert kit
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