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HCPCS Procedure & Supply Codes

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section notes


section notes
S8030   Scleral application of tantalum ring(s) for localization of lesions for proton b...
S8035   Magnetic source imaging
S8037   Magnetic resonance cholangiopancreatography (mrcp)
S8040   Topographic brain mapping
S8042   Magnetic resonance imaging (mri), low-field
S8055   Ultrasound guidance for multifetal pregnancy reduction(s), technical component (...
S8080   Scintimammography (radioimmunoscintigraphy of the breast), unilateral, including...
S8085   Fluorine-18 fluorodeoxyglucose (f-18 fdg) imaging using dual-head coincidence de...
S8092   Electron beam computed tomography (also known as ultrafast ct, cine ct)
S8096   Portable peak flow meter
S8097   Asthma kit (including but not limited to portable peak expiratory flow meter, in...
S8100   Holding chamber or spacer for use with an inhaler or nebulizer; without mask
S8101   Holding chamber or spacer for use with an inhaler or nebulizer; with mask
S8110   Peak expiratory flow rate (physician services)
S8120   Oxygen contents, gaseous, 1 unit equals 1 cubic foot
S8121   Oxygen contents, liquid, 1 unit equals 1 pound
S8130   Interferential current stimulator, 2 channel
S8131   Interferential current stimulator, 4 channel
S8185   Flutter device
S8186   Swivel adapter
S8189   Tracheostomy supply, not otherwise classified
S8210   Mucus trap
S8265   Haberman feeder for cleft lip/palate
S8270   Enuresis alarm, using auditory buzzer and/or vibration device
S8301   Infection control supplies, not otherwise specified
S8415   Supplies for home delivery of infant
S8420   Gradient pressure aid (sleeve and glove combination), custom made
S8421   Gradient pressure aid (sleeve and glove combination), ready made
S8422   Gradient pressure aid (sleeve), custom made, medium weight
S8423   Gradient pressure aid (sleeve), custom made, heavy weight
S8424   Gradient pressure aid (sleeve), ready made
S8425   Gradient pressure aid (glove), custom made, medium weight
S8426   Gradient pressure aid (glove), custom made, heavy weight
S8427   Gradient pressure aid (glove), ready made
S8428   Gradient pressure aid (gauntlet), ready made
S8429   Gradient pressure exterior wrap
S8430   Padding for compression bandage, roll
S8431   Compression bandage, roll
S8450   Splint, prefabricated, digit (specify digit by use of modifier)
S8451   Splint, prefabricated, wrist or ankle
S8452   Splint, prefabricated, elbow
S8460   Camisole, post-mastectomy
S8490   Insulin syringes (100 syringes, any size)
S8930   Electrical stimulation of auricular acupuncture points; each 15 minutes of perso...
S8940   Equestrian/hippotherapy, per session
S8948   Application of a modality (requiring constant provider attendance) to one or mor...
S8950   Complex lymphedema therapy, each 15 minutes
S8990   Physical or manipulative therapy performed for maintenance rather than restoration
S8999   Resuscitation bag (for use by patient on artificial respiration during power fai...
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