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HCPCS Procedure & Supply Codes

Hearing Services

section notes

Hearing Services

section notes
V5008   Hearing screening
V5010   Assessment for hearing aid
V5011   Fitting/orientation/checking of hearing aid
V5014   Repair/modification of a hearing aid
V5020   Conformity evaluation
V5030   Hearing aid, monaural, body worn, air conduction
V5040   Hearing aid, monaural, body worn, bone conduction
V5050   Hearing aid, monaural, in the ear
V5060   Hearing aid, monaural, behind the ear
V5070   Glasses, air conduction
V5080   Glasses, bone conduction
V5090   Dispensing fee, unspecified hearing aid
V5095   Semi-implantable middle ear hearing prosthesis
V5100   Hearing aid, bilateral, body worn
V5110   Dispensing fee, bilateral
V5120   Binaural, body
V5130   Binaural, in the ear
V5140   Binaural, behind the ear
V5150   Binaural, glasses
V5160   Dispensing fee, binaural
V5171V5181   Hearing Aid, Contralateral Routing Device, Monaural
V5190   Hearing aid, contralateral routing, monaural, glasses
V5200   Dispensing fee, contralateral, monaural
V5211V5240   Hearing Aid, Contralateral Routing System, Binaural
V5241   Dispensing fee, monaural hearing aid, any type
V5242   Hearing aid, analog, monaural, cic (completely in the ear canal)
V5243   Hearing aid, analog, monaural, itc (in the canal)
V5244   Hearing aid, digitally programmable analog, monaural, cic
V5245   Hearing aid, digitally programmable, analog, monaural, itc
V5246   Hearing aid, digitally programmable analog, monaural, ite (in the ear)
V5247   Hearing aid, digitally programmable analog, monaural, bte (behind the ear)
V5248   Hearing aid, analog, binaural, cic
V5249   Hearing aid, analog, binaural, itc
V5250   Hearing aid, digitally programmable analog, binaural, cic
V5251   Hearing aid, digitally programmable analog, binaural, itc
V5252   Hearing aid, digitally programmable, binaural, ite
V5253   Hearing aid, digitally programmable, binaural, bte
V5254   Hearing aid, digital, monaural, cic
V5255   Hearing aid, digital, monaural, itc
V5256   Hearing aid, digital, monaural, ite
V5257   Hearing aid, digital, monaural, bte
V5258   Hearing aid, digital, binaural, cic
V5259   Hearing aid, digital, binaural, itc
V5260   Hearing aid, digital, binaural, ite
V5261   Hearing aid, digital, binaural, bte
V5262   Hearing aid, disposable, any type, monaural
V5263   Hearing aid, disposable, any type, binaural
V5264   Ear mold/insert, not disposable, any type
V5265   Ear mold/insert, disposable, any type
V5266   Battery for use in hearing device
V5267   Hearing aid or assistive listening device/supplies/accessories, not otherwise sp...
V5268   Assistive listening device, telephone amplifier, any type
V5269   Assistive listening device, alerting, any type
V5270   Assistive listening device, television amplifier, any type
V5271   Assistive listening device, television caption decoder
V5272   Assistive listening device, tdd
V5273   Assistive listening device, for use with cochlear implant
V5274   Assistive listening device, not otherwise specified
V5275   Ear impression, each
V5281   Assistive listening device, personal fm/dm system, monaural, (1 receiver, transm...
V5282   Assistive listening device, personal fm/dm system, binaural, (2 receivers, trans...
V5283   Assistive listening device, personal fm/dm neck, loop induction receiver
V5284   Assistive listening device, personal fm/dm, ear level receiver
V5285   Assistive listening device, personal fm/dm, direct audio input receiver
V5286   Assistive listening device, personal blue tooth fm/dm receiver
V5287   Assistive listening device, personal fm/dm receiver, not otherwise specified
V5288   Assistive listening device, personal fm/dm transmitter assistive listening device
V5289   Assistive listening device, personal fm/dm adapter/boot coupling device for rece...
V5290   Assistive listening device, transmitter microphone, any type
V5298   Hearing aid, not otherwise classified
V5299   Hearing service, miscellaneous
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