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HCPCS Procedure & Supply Codes

-/+ Deleted, Replaced, Expanded Codes

section notes

G0000-G9999 -/+ Deleted, Replaced, Expanded Codes

section notes

G9000-G9999 -/+ Deleted, Replaced, Expanded Codes

section notes
G9017 Amantadine hcl 100mg oral
G9018 Zanamivir,inhalation pwd 10m
G9019 Oseltamivir phosphate 75mg
G9020 Rimantadine hcl 100mg oral
G9021 Chemo assess nausea vomit L1
G9022 Chemo assess nausea vomit L2
G9023 Chemo assess nausea vomit L3
G9024 Chemo assess nausea vomit L4
G9025 Chemo assessment pain level1
G9026 Chemo assessment pain level2
G9027 Chemo assessment pain level3
G9028 Chemo assessment pain level4
G9029 Chemo assess for fatigue L1
G9030 Chemo assess for fatigue L2
G9031 Chemo assess for fatigue L3
G9032 Chemo assess for fatigue L4
G9033 Amantadine hcl oral brand
G9034 Zanamivir, inh pwdr, brand
G9035 Oseltamivir phosp, brand
G9036 Rimantadine hcl, brand
G9041 Low vision rehab occupationa
G9042 Low vision rehab orient/mobi
G9043 Low vision lowvision therapi
G9044 Low vision rehabilate teache
G9076 Onc dx brst unknown NOS
G9081 Onc dx prostate mets no cast
G9082 Onc dx prostate castrate met
G9118 Onc NHLstg 1-2 no relap no
G9119 Onc dx NHL stg 3-4 not relap
G9120 Onc dx NHL trans to lg Bcell
G9121 Onc dx NHL relapse/refractor
G9122 Onc dx NHL stg unknown
G9127 Onc dx CML dx status unknown
G9141 Influenza a h1n1,admin w cou
G9142 Influenza a h1n1, vaccine
G9158 Motor speech d/c status
G9159 Lang comp current status
G9160 Lang comp goal status
G9161 Lang comp d/c status
G9162 Lang express current status
G9163 Lang express goal status
G9164 Lang express d/c status
G9165 Atten current status
G9166 Atten goal status
G9167 Atten d/c status
G9168 Memory current status
G9169 Memory goal status
G9170 Memory d/c status
G9171 Voice current status
G9172 Voice goal status
G9173 Voice d/c status
G9174 Speech lang current status
G9175 Speech lang goal status
G9176 Speech lang d/c status
G9186 Motor speech goal status
G9193 Doc not eligible for dep med
G9194 Mdd pt treated for 180d
G9195 Mdd pt not treated for 180d
G9199 Doc reason for no vte
G9200 No reason for no vte
G9201 Vte given upon admission
G9202 Hep c aby pos
G9203 Hep c rna done prior to med
G9204 No reason for no hep c rna
G9205 Hep c antiviral started
G9206 Hep c therapy started
G9207 Hep c genotype prior to med
G9208 No reason for no hep c geno
G9209 Hep c rna 4to12 wk after med
G9210 No hepc rna after med docrsn
G9211 No hepc rna after med no rsn
G9214 Cd4 count documented
G9215 No cd4 count no reason
G9216 No pcp proph at dx no reason
G9217 No pcp proph low cd4 norsn
G9218 No pcp prop low at cd4 norsn
G9219 No oder pjp for med reason
G9220 No order for pjp for medrsn
G9221 Pjp proph prescribed
G9222 Pjp proph ordered low cd4
G9224 Medrsn no foot exam
G9233 Tkr composite
G9234 Tkr intent
G9235 Gs mg composite
G9236 Op rad mg composite
G9237 Gs mg intent
G9238 Op rad mg intent
G9244 Antiviral not ordered
G9245 Antiviral ordered
G9248 No med visit 6mo
G9249 Med visit w in 6mo
G9252 Neo detect scrn colo
G9253 No neo detect scrn colo
G9271 Ldl under 100
G9272 Ldl 100 and over
G9320 Medrsn no std nomenclature
G9323 Mdrsn no doc cnt of ct
G9324 Not all data norsn
G9325 Medrsn no ct rpt to reg
G9328 Medrsn no dicom format doc
G9343 Medrsn no dicom srch
G9346 No follow up pulm nod
G9362 Mac or pnb w/o genanes >60m
G9363 Mac or pnb w/o genanes <60m
G9369 Fill 2 rx antipsych
G9370 Not fill 2 rx antipsych
G9376 Contd ret attach at 6mth f/u
G9377 No ret attach after 6mt
G9378 Contd ret attach f/u vis
G9379 No acheive flat ret 6mth
G9381 Doc med reas no offer eol
G9391 Achv refrac +1d
G9392 Not achv refrac +1d
G9433 Death, nhres, hospice
G9435 Asp presc disch
G9436 Asp not presc doc reas
G9437 Asp not presc disch
G9438 P2y inhib presc
G9439 P2y inhib not presc doc reas
G9440 P2y inhib not presc
G9441 Statin presc disch
G9442 Statin not presc doc reas
G9443 Statin not presc disch
G9463 Sinusitis intent
G9464 Sinusitis comp
G9465 Aoe intent
G9466 Aoe comp
G9467 Recd cortico >=10mg/day >60d
G9472 No dxa no med hx no rv sx
G9496 Doc rsn no adeno/neopl detec
G9499 No start/rec antvir tx hep c
G9534 Adv brain image not ordered
G9535 Normal neuro exam
G9536 Doc med reas adv brain image
G9538 Adv brain image ordered
G9572 Phq-scr >9 doc in 12m time
G9581 Md doc, door to punc tm >2hr
G9619 Doc rsn no scr uter malig
G9650 Doc pt no ther chg or contra
G9652 Pt tx sys bio med psori 6mth
G9653 Pt no tx sys bio rx 6 mths
G9657 Toc dur aneth to icu
G9667 Doc med rsn no stat tx/presc
G9669 Intend rpt mult chr msr grp
G9670 Qty act mcc mg perf
G9671 Intend rpt dia retin msr grp
G9672 Qty act diab retin mg perf
G9673 Intend rpt card prev msr grp
G9677 Qty act card prev mg perf
G9686 Nursing facility conference
G9742 Psych sympt assessed
G9743 Psych symp not assessed, rns
G9941 Pre and post vas wthn 3 mos
G9944 Vas 3 mon pre and 1 yr post
G9947 Pre and post vas wthn 3 mos
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