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HCPCS Procedure & Supply Codes

-/+ Deleted, Replaced, Expanded Codes

section notes

K0000-K9999 -/+ Deleted, Replaced, Expanded Codes

section notes
K0023 Planr back insrt foam w/strp
K0024 Plnr back insrt foam w/hrdwr
K0059 Plastic coated handrim each
K0060 Steel handrim each
K0061 Aluminum handrim each
K0064 Zero pressure tube flat free
K0066 Solid tire any size each
K0067 Pneumatic tire any size each
K0068 Pneumatic tire tube each
K0074 Pneumatic caster tire each
K0075 Semi-pneumatic caster tire
K0076 Solid caster tire each
K0078 Pneumatic caster tire tube
K0081 Wheel lock assembly complete
K0090 Rear tire power wheelchair
K0091 Rear tire tube power whlchr
K0092 Rear assem cmplt powr whlchr
K0093 Rear zero pressure tire tube
K0094 Wheel tire for power base
K0095 Wheel tire tube each base
K0096 Wheel assem powr base complt
K0097 Wheel zero presure tire tube
K0099 Pwr wheelchair front caster
K0102 Crutch and cane holder
K0104 Cylinder tank carrier
K0106 Arm trough each
K0114 Whlchr back suprt inr frame
K0115 Back module orthotic system
K0116 Back & seat modul orthot sys
K0194 Assist device w/humidifier
K0415 RX antiemetic drg, oral NOS
K0416 Rx antiemetic drg,rectal NOS
K0452 Wheelchair bearings
K0555 Repl nasal pillow comb mask
K0600 Functional neuromuscularstim
K0618 TLSO 2 piece rigid shell
K0619 TLSO 3 piece rigid shell
K0620 Tubular elastic dressing
K0627 Cervical pneum trac equip
K0628 Multi den insert direct form
K0629 Multi den insert custom mold
K0630 SIO flex pelvisacral prefab
K0631 SIO flex pelvisacral custom
K0632 SIO panel prefab
K0633 SIO panel custom
K0634 LO flexibl L1-below L5 pre
K0635 LO sag stays/panels pre-fab
K0636 LO sagitt rigid panel prefab
K0637 LO flex w/o rigid stays pre
K0638 LSO flex w/rigid stays cust
K0639 LSO post rigid panel pre
K0640 LSO sag-coro rigid frame pre
K0641 LSO sag-cor rigid frame cust
K0642 LSO flexion control prefab
K0643 LSO flexion control custom
K0644 LSO sagit rigid panel prefab
K0645 LSO sagittal rigid panel cus
K0646 LSO sag-coronal panel prefab
K0647 LSO sag-coronal panel custom
K0648 LSO s/c shell/panel prefab
K0649 LSO s/c shell/panel custom
K0650 Gen w/c cushion width < 22?
K0651 Gen w/c cushion width > 22?
K0652 Skin pro w/c cus wd < 22?
K0653 Skin protect w/c cus wd>=22?
K0654 Position w/c cush width <22?
K0655 Position w/c cush width >22?
K0656 Skin pro/pos w/c cus wd <22?
K0657 Skin pro/pos w/c cus wd>=22?
K0658 Custom fabricate w/c cushion
K0659 Powered w/c cushion
K0660 Gen use back cush width <22?
K0661 Gen use back cush width >22?
K0662 Position back cush wdth <22?
K0663 Position back cush wdth >22?
K0664 Pos back post/lat width <22?
K0665 Pos back post/lat width >22?
K0666 Custom fab w/c back cushion
K0667 Mt hardwre man/light pwr w/c
K0668 Replace cover w/c seat cush
K0670 Stance phase only
K0671 Portable oxygen concentrator
K0731 Lith ion bat CID non-ear lvl
K0732 Lith ion batt CID ear level
K0734 Adj skin pro w/c cus wd<22in
K0735 Adj skin pro wc cus wd>=22in
K0736 Adj skin pro/pos wc cus<22in
K0737 Adj skin pro/pos wc cus>=22"
K0741 Portable gaseous oxygen sys
K0742 Portable gaseous oxygen
K0901 Ko single upright pre ots
K0902 Ko double upright pre ots
K0903 Mult den insert dir carv/cam
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