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HCPCS Procedure & Supply Codes

-/+ Deleted, Replaced, Expanded Codes

section notes

G0000-G9999 -/+ Deleted, Replaced, Expanded Codes

section notes

G8000-G8999 -/+ Deleted, Replaced, Expanded Codes

section notes

G8100-G8199 -/+ Deleted, Replaced, Expanded Codes

section notes
G8100 Osteop pt inelig for ca+vitd
G8103 New dx osteo pt w/antiresorp
G8104 Osteo pt inelig for antireso
G8106 Bone dens meas test perf
G8107 Bone dens meas test inelig
G8108 Pt receiv influenza vacc
G8109 Pt w/o influenza vacc
G8110 Pt inelig for influenza vacc
G8111 Pt receiv mammogram
G8112 Pt not doc mammogram
G8113 Pt ineligible mammography
G8114 Care not provided for mamogr
G8115 Pt receiv pneumo vacc
G8116 Pt did not rec pneumo vacc
G8117 Pt was inelig for pneumo vac
G8126 Pt treat w/antidepress12wks
G8127 Pt not treat w/antidepres12w
G8128 Pt inelig for antidepres med
G8129 Pt treat w/antidepres for 6m
G8130 Pt not treat w/antidepres 6m
G8131 Pt inelig for antidepres med
G8152 Pt w/ab 1 hr prior to incisi
G8153 Pt not doc for ab 1 hr prior
G8154 Pt ineligi for ab therapy
G8155 Pt recd thromboemb prophylax
G8156 Pt did not rec thromboembo
G8157 Pt ineligi for thrombolism
G8158 Pt recd CABG w/ IMA
G8159 Pt w/cabg w/o ima
G8160 Pt inelig for CABG w/IMA
G8161 Iso CABG pt rec preop bblock
G8162 Iso cabg pt w/o preop bblock
G8163 Iso CABG pt inelig for preo
G8164 Iso cabg pt w/prolng intub
G8165 Iso cabg pt w/o prolng intub
G8166 Iso cabg req surg rexpo
G8167 Iso cabg w/o surg explo
G8170 Cea/ext bypass pt on aspirin
G8171 Pt w/carot endarct/ext bypas
G8172 Cea/ext bypass pt not on asp
G8182 Cad pt care not prov ldl
G8183 Hf/atrial fib pt on warfarin
G8184 Hf/atrial fib pt inelig warf
G8185 Osteoarth pt w/ assess pain
G8186 Osteoarth pt inelig assess
G8191 Antibiotic given prior surg
G8192 Antib given prior surg incis
G8193 Antibio not doc prior surg
G8194 Pt not elig for antibiotic
G8195 Antibiotic given prior surg
G8196 Antibio not docum prior surg
G8197 Antib order prior to surg
G8198 Cefazolin documented ordered
G8199 Cefazolin given prophylaxis
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