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HCPCS Procedure & Supply Codes

-/+ Deleted, Replaced, Expanded Codes

section notes

G0000-G9999 -/+ Deleted, Replaced, Expanded Codes

section notes

G8000-G8999 -/+ Deleted, Replaced, Expanded Codes

section notes

G8200-G8299 -/+ Deleted, Replaced, Expanded Codes

section notes
G8200 Cefazolin not docum prophy
G8201 Pt not eligi for cefazolin
G8202 Order given to d/c antibio
G8203 Antib was D/C 24hrs surg tim
G8204 Md not doc order to d/c anti
G8205 Pt not eligi for proph antib
G8206 MD doc prophylactic AB given
G8207 Clini doc order to D/C antib
G8208 Clini doc AB was D/C 48 h
G8209 Clinician did not doc
G8210 Clini doc pt ineligib anti
G8211 Clini doc proph AB giv
G8212 Clini order given for VTE
G8213 Clini given VTE prop
G8214 Clini not doc order vte
G8215 Clini doc pt inelig VTE
G8216 Pt received DVT prophylaxis
G8217 Pt not received dvt proph
G8218 Pt inelig DVT prophylaxis
G8219 Received dvt proph day 2
G8220 Pt not rec dvt proph day 2
G8221 Pt inelig for dvt proph
G8222 Pt prescribe platelet at D/C
G8223 Pt not doc for presc antipla
G8224 Pt inelig for antiplat proph
G8225 Pt prescrib anticoag at D/C
G8226 Pt no prescr anticoa at d/c
G8227 Pt not doc to have perm/AF
G8228 Clin pt inelig anticoag D/C
G8229 Pt doc to have admin t-PA
G8230 Pt inelig t-PA isch strok>3h
G8231 Pt not doc for admin t-pa
G8232 Pt received dysphagia screen
G8234 Pt not doc dysphagia screen
G8235 Pt received NPO
G8236 Pt inelig dysphagia screen
G8237 Pt doc rec rehab serv
G8238 Pt not doc to rec rehab serv
G8239 Inter carotid stenosis <30%
G8240 Inter carotid stenosis30-99%
G8241 Pt inelig candidate ito meas
G8242 Pt doc to have CT/MRI w/les
G8243 Pt not doc mri/ct w/o lesion
G8245 Clini doc prese/abs alarm
G8246 Pt inelig hx w new/chg mole
G8247 Pt w/alarm symp upper endo
G8248 Pt w/one alarm symp not doc
G8249 Pt inelig for upper endo
G8250 Pt w/Barretts esoph endo re
G8251 Pt not doc w/barretts, endo
G8252 Pt inelig for esophag biop
G8253 Pt rec order for barium
G8254 Pt w/no doc order for barium
G8255 Clini doc pt inelig bar swal
G8256 Clini doc rev D/C meds w/med
G8257 Pt not doc rev meds d/c
G8258 Pt inelig for d/c meds rev
G8259 Pt doc to hav decision maker
G8260 Pt not doc to have dec maker
G8261 Clin doc pt inelig dec maker
G8262 Pt doc assess uriny incon
G8263 Pt not doc assess urinary in
G8264 Pt inelig assess urinary inc
G8265 Pt doc rec charc urin incon
G8266 Pt not doc charc urin incon
G8267 Pt doc rec plan urinary inco
G8268 Pt not doc rec care urin inc
G8269 Clin not prov care urin inco
G8270 Pt receiv screen for fall
G8271 Pt no doc screen fall
G8272 Clin doc pt inelig fall risk
G8273 Clin not prov care scre fall
G8274 Clini not doc pres/abs alarm
G8275 Pt hx w/ new moles
G8276 Pt not doc mole change
G8277 Pt inelig for assess mole
G8278 Pt doc rec PE skin
G8279 Pt not doc rec pe
G8280 Pt inelig PE skin
G8281 Pt rec counsel for self-exam
G8282 Pt not doc to rec couns
G8283 Pt inelig for counsel
G8284 Pt doc to rec pres osteo
G8285 Pt did not rec pres osteo
G8286 Pt inelig to rec pres osteo
G8287 Clin not prov care for pharm
G8288 Pt doc rec Ca/Vit D
G8289 Pt not doc rec ca/vit d
G8290 Clin doc pt inelig Ca/Vit D
G8291 Clin no pro care pt Ca/Vit D
G8292 COPD pt w/spir results
G8293 Copd pt w/o spir results
G8294 COPD pt inelig spir results
G8295 COPD pt doc bronch ther
G8296 Copd pt not doc bronch ther
G8297 COPD pt inelig bronch therap
G8298 Pt doc optic nerve eval
G8299 Pt not doc optic nerv eval
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