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HCPCS Procedure & Supply Codes

-/+ Deleted, Replaced, Expanded Codes

section notes

G0000-G9999 -/+ Deleted, Replaced, Expanded Codes

section notes

G8000-G8999 -/+ Deleted, Replaced, Expanded Codes

section notes

G8300-G8399 -/+ Deleted, Replaced, Expanded Codes

section notes
G8300 Pt inelig for optic nerv eva
G8301 Clin not prov care POAG
G8302 Pt doc w/ target iop
G8303 Pt not doc w/ iop
G8304 Clin doc pt inelig iop
G8305 Clin not prov care poag
G8306 Poag w/ iop rec care plan
G8307 Poag w/ iop no care plan
G8308 Poag w/ iop not doc plan
G8309 Pt doc rec antioxidant
G8310 Pt not doc rec antiox
G8311 Pt inelig for antioxidant
G8312 Clin no prov care for antiox
G8313 Pt doc rec macular exam
G8314 Pt not doc to rec mac exam
G8315 Clin doc pt inelig mac exam
G8316 Clin no pro care for mac deg
G8317 Pt doc to have visual func
G8318 Pt doc not have visual func
G8319 Pt inelig for vis func stat
G8320 Clin not prov care catarac
G8321 Pt doc to pre axial leng
G8322 Pt not doc pre axial leng
G8323 Pt inelig for pre surg axial
G8324 Clin not prov care for IOL
G8325 Pt rec fund exam prior surg
G8326 Pt not doc rec fundus exam
G8327 Pt inelig for pre surg fundu
G8328 Clin not prov care fund eval
G8329 Pt doc rec dilated macular
G8330 Pt not doc rec dilated mac
G8331 Pt inelig dilate fundus
G8332 Clin prov no care diabetic r
G8333 Pt doc to have macular exam
G8334 Doc of macular not giv md
G8335 Clin doc pt inelig macular
G8336 Clin did not pro care diabet
G8337 Clin doc pt was test osteo
G8338 Clin not doc pt test osteo
G8339 Pt inelig for test osteo
G8340 Pt doc have DEXA
G8341 Pt not doc for dexa
G8342 Clin doc pt inelig DEXA
G8343 Clin not prov care DEXA
G8344 Pt doc have DEXA perform
G8345 Pt not doc have dexa
G8346 Clin doc pt inelig DEXA
G8347 Clin not prov care DEXA
G8348 Int carotid stenosis meas
G8349 Pt inelig for doc of alarm
G8350 Pt doc 12 lead ECG
G8351 Pt not doc ecg
G8352 Pt inelig for ECG
G8353 Pt doc rec aspirin 24hrs ER
G8354 Pt not rec aspirin prior er
G8355 Clin doc pt inelig aspirin
G8356 Pt doc to have ECG
G8357 Pt not doc to have ecg
G8358 Clin doc pt inelig ECG
G8359 Pt doc vital signs recorded
G8360 Pt not doc vital signs recor
G8361 Pt doc to have 02 SAT assess
G8362 Pt not doc 02 sat assess
G8363 Clin doc pt inelig 02 SAT
G8364 Pt doc mental status assess
G8365 Pt not doc mental status
G8366 Pt doc to have empiric AB
G8367 Pt not doc have empiric ab
G8368 Clin doc pt inelig empiri AB
G8370 Asthma pt w survey not docum
G8371 Chemother not rec stg3 colon
G8372 Chemother rec stg3 colon ca
G8373 Chemo plan documen prior che
G8374 Chemo plan not doc prior che
G8375 Cll pt w/o doc flow cytometr
G8376 Brst ca pt inelig tamoxifen
G8377 Md doc colon ca pt inelig ch
G8378 Md doc pt inelig radiation
G8379 Doc radiat tx recom 12mo ov
G8380 Pt w stgic-3brst ca not rec
G8381 Pt w stgic-3brst ca rec tam
G8382 Mm pt w/o doc iv bisphophon
G8383 No doc radiation rec 12mo ov
G8384 Base cytogen test mds notper
G8385 Diabet pt no do hgb a1c 12m
G8386 Diabet pt nodoc ldliprotei
G8387 Esrd pt w hct/hgb not docume
G8388 Esrd pt w urr/ktv notdoc eli
G8389 Mds pt no doc fe st prio epo
G8390 Diabetic w/o document bp 12m
G8391 Pt w asthma no doc med or tx
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