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HCPCS Procedure & Supply Codes

-/+ Deleted, Replaced, Expanded Codes

section notes

G0000-G9999 -/+ Deleted, Replaced, Expanded Codes

section notes

G8000-G8999 -/+ Deleted, Replaced, Expanded Codes

section notes

G8900-G8999 -/+ Deleted, Replaced, Expanded Codes

section notes
G8900 Obstructive sleep apnea mg
G8901 Epilepsy measures group
G8902 Dementia measures group
G8903 Parkinson's disease mg
G8904 Hypertension mg
G8905 Cardiovascular prevention mg
G8906 Cataract measures group
G8927 Adj chem pres ajcc iii
G8928 Adj chem not pres rsn spec
G8929 Adj cmo not pres rsn not gvn
G8930 Assess of dep @ initial eval
G8931 Asses of dep not documented
G8932 Suicd rsk assessed init eval
G8933 Suicide risk not assessed
G8940 Scr dep pos, no plan done
G8943 Ldlc not pres w/i 12 mo prir
G8947 1 or more neuropsych
G8948 No neuropsych symptoms
G8949 Doc pt reas on counsel diet
G8953 Oncology mg qual act perform
G8957 Pt no hedia in outpt fac
G8971 Warfrn or othr antcog no rx
G8972 1>=risk or>= mod risk for te
G8977 Oncology measures grp
G8978 Mobility current status
G8979 Mobility goal status
G8980 Mobility d/c status
G8981 Body pos current status
G8982 Body pos goal status
G8983 Body pos d/c status
G8984 Carry current status
G8985 Carry goal status
G8986 Carry d/c status
G8987 Self care current status
G8988 Self care goal status
G8989 Self care d/c status
G8990 Other pt/ot current status
G8991 Other pt/ot goal status
G8992 Other pt/ot d/c status
G8993 Sub pt/ot current status
G8994 Sub pt/ot goal status
G8995 Sub pt/ot d/c status
G8996 Swallow current status
G8997 Swallow goal status
G8998 Swallow d/c status
G8999 Motor speech current status
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