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HCPCS Procedure & Supply Codes

-/+ Deleted, Replaced, Expanded Codes

section notes

G0000-G9999 -/+ Deleted, Replaced, Expanded Codes

section notes

G6000-G6999 -/+ Deleted, Replaced, Expanded Codes

section notes
G6018 Ileoscopy w/stent
G6019 Colonoscopy lesion removal
G6020 Colonoscopy w/stent
G6021 Unlisted px small intestine
G6022 Sigmoidoscopy w/ablate tumr
G6023 Sigmoidoscopy w/stent
G6024 Lesion removal colonoscopy
G6025 Colonoscopy w/stent
G6027 Anoscopy hra w/spec collect
G6028 Anoscopy hra w/biopsy
G6030 Assay of amitriptyline
G6031 Assay of benzodiazepines
G6032 Assay of desipramine
G6034 Assay of doxepin
G6035 Assay of gold
G6036 Assay of imipramine
G6037 Assay of nortiptyline
G6038 Assay of salicylate
G6039 Assay of acetaminophen
G6040 Assay of ethanol
G6041 Assay of urine alkaloids
G6042 Assay of amphetamines
G6043 Assay of barbiturates
G6044 Assay of cocaine
G6045 Assay of dihydrocodeinone
G6046 Assay of dihydromorphinone
G6047 Assay of dihydrotestosterone
G6048 Assay of dimethadione
G6049 Asssay of epiandrosterone
G6050 Assay of ethchlorvynol
G6051 Assay of flurazepam
G6052 Assay of meprobamate
G6053 Assay of methadone
G6054 Assay of methsuximide
G6055 Assay of nicotine
G6056 Assay of opiates
G6057 Assay of phenothiazine
G6058 Drug confirmation
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