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HCPCS Procedure & Supply Codes

Medical Services

section notes

Documentation Codes

section notes
M0201M1311   Patient Vaccine Status
M1003M1005   TB Screening
M1006   Disease activity not assessed, reason not given
M1007M1008   Patient's Outpatient RA Encounters Assessed
M1009M1014   Discharge/discontinuation of the episode of care documented in the medical record
M1016   Female patients unable to bear children
M1018   Patients with an active diagnosis or history of cancer (except basal cell and sq...
M1019M1020   Adolescent patients 12-17 with Major Depression or Dysthymia
M1021M1362   Performance Period Codes
M1027M1029   Imaging and Documentation of the Head
M1032M1036   Opioid Use Disorder (OUD)
M1037M1051   Lumbar Spine Related Diagnosis
M1043M1049   Functional Status Measurement
M1052   Leg pain was not measured by the visual analog scale (vas) or numeric pain scale...
M1055   Aspirin or another antiplatelet therapy used
M1056   Prescribed anticoagulant medication during the performance period, history of gi...
M1057   Aspirin or another antiplatelet therapy not used, reason not given
M1068   Adults who are not ambulatory
M1069   Patient screened for future fall risk
M1070   Patient not screened for future fall risk, reason not given
M1106M1135   The start of an episode of care documented in the medical record
M1107M1131   Documentation stating patient has a diagnosis of a degenerative neurological condition
M1108M1134   Ongoing care not indicated
M1141   Functional status was not measured by the oxford knee score (oks) or the knee in...
M1142   Emergent cases
M1143   Initiated episode of rehabilitation therapy, medical, or chiropractic care for n...
M1146   Ongoing care not clinically indicated because the patient needed a home program ...
M1147   Ongoing care not medically possible because the patient was discharged early du...
M1148   Ongoing care not possible because the patient self-discharged early (e.g., finan...
M1149   Patient unable to complete the neck fs prom at initial evaluation and/or dischar...
M1150   Left ventricular ejection fraction (lvef) less than or equal to 40% or documenta...
M1151   Patients with a history of heart transplant or with a left ventricular assist de...
M1152   Patients with a history of heart transplant or with a left ventricular assist de...
M1153   Patient with diagnosis of osteoporosis on date of encounter
M1154M1365   Hospice Status
M1164   Patients with dementia any time during the patient's history through the end of ...
M1166   Pathology report for tissue specimens produced from wide local excisions or re-e...
M1180   Patients on immune checkpoint inhibitor therapy
M1181   Grade 2 or above diarrhea and/or grade 2 or above colitis
M1182   Patients not eligible due to pre-existing inflammatory bowel disease (ibd) (e.g....
M1183   Documentation of immune checkpoint inhibitor therapy held and corticosteroids or...
M1184   Documentation of medical reason(s) for not prescribing or administering corticos...
M1185   Documentation of immune checkpoint inhibitor therapy not held and/or corticoster...
M1187   Patients with a diagnosis of end stage renal disease (esrd)
M1188   Patients with a diagnosis of chronic kidney disease (ckd) stage 5
M1189   Documentation of a kidney health evaluation defined by an estimated glomerular f...
M1190   Documentation of a kidney health evaluation was not performed or defined by an e...
M1192   Patients with an existing diagnosis of squamous cell carcinoma of the esophagus
M1193   Surgical pathology reports that contain impression or conclusion of or recommend...
M1194   Documentation of medical reason(s) surgical pathology reports did not contain im...
M1195   Surgical pathology reports that do not contain impression or conclusion of or re...
M1196   Initial (index visit) numeric rating scale (nrs), visual rating scale (vrs), or ...
M1197M1206   Itch severity assessment
M1199   Patients receiving rrt
M1200M1203   Ace inhibitor (ace-i) or arb therapy prescription status
M1207M1237   Patients SDoH Status
M1209M1210   At least two orders for high-risk medications from the same drug class
M1211M1212   Hemoglobin a1c level
M1213M1218   Pulmonary function and breathing tests
M1220M1349   Eyes and Eye exams
M1227   Evidence-based therapy was prescribed
M1228M1235   Patient Status: Reactive HCV Antibody Test
M1236   Baseline mrs > 2
M1239M1254   Questionnaire Status
M1255   Patients who have another reason for visiting the clinic [not prenatal or postpa...
M1256M1258   CVD Status
M1259M1272   Kidney-Pancreas Transplant Status
M1265   Cms medical evidence form 2728 for dialysis patients: initial form completed
M1266M1274   Patient Admitted to a Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF)
M1271   Patients with dementia at any time prior to or during the month
M1276M1314   BMI Status
M1277M1315   Cancer related screenings and documentation
M1278M1294   Blood Pressure Reading Status
M1282M1316   Tobacco screenings
M1284M1292   Patients age 66 years of age and/or older
M1298   Documentation of patient pregnancy anytime during the measurement period prior t...
M1309   Palliative care services provided to patient any time during the measurement period
M1317M1320   SDOH screening
M1321M1363   Patient Follow-up appts
M1324   Patients who had an intravitreal or periocular corticosteroid injection (e.g., t...
M1337   Acute pvd
M1340   Index assessment completed using the 12-item whodas 2.0 or sds during the denomi...
M1350M1361   Suicide Risk/Ideation Status
M1364   Calculated 10-year ascvd risk score of >= 20 percent during the performance period
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