HCPCS Code Modifiers

HCPCS National Level II Modifiers

section notes

C Modifiers

section notes
CA Procedure payable inpatient
CB Esrd bene part a snf-sep pay
CC Procedure code change
CD Amcc test for esrd or mcp md
CE Med neces amcc tst sep reimb
CF Amcc tst not composite rate
CG Policy criteria applied
CH 0 percent impaired, ltd, res
CI 1 to <20 percent impaired
CJ 20 to <40 percent impaired
CK 40 to <60 percent impaired
CL 60 to <80 percent impaired
CM 80 to <100 percent impaired
CN 100 percent impaired, ltd
CO Outpatient ot service by ota
CQ Outpatient pt service by pta
CR Catastrophe/disaster related
CS Covid-19 testing related svc
CT Ct does not meet nema standa
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