HCPCS Code Modifiers

HCPCS National Level II Modifiers

section notes

F Modifiers

section notes
F1   Left hand, second digit
F2   Left hand, third digit
F3   Left hand, fourth digit
F4   Left hand, fifth digit
F5   Right hand, thumb
F6   Right hand, second digit
F7   Right hand, third digit
F8   Right hand, fourth digit
F9   Right hand, fifth digit
FA   Left hand, thumb
FB   Item provided without cost
FC   Part credit, replaced device
FP   Svc part of family plan pgm
FQ   Audio-only service
FR   Two-way a/v dir supervision
FS   Split or shared e/m visit
FT   Separate, unrelated e/m
FX   X-ray taken using film
FY   Computed radiography x-ray
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