HCPCS Code Modifiers

HCPCS National Level II Modifiers

section notes

J Modifiers

section notes
J1   Cap no-pay for prescript num
J2   Cap restock of emerg drugs
J3   Cap drug unavail thru cap
J4   Dmepos comp bid furn by hosp
J5   Dmepos comp bid fur by pt/ot
JA   Administered intravenously
JB   Administered subcutaneously
JC   Skin substitute graft
JD   Skin sub not used as a graft
JE   Administered via dialysate
JG   340b acquired drug
JK   Drug supply 1 month or less
JL   Drug 3 month supply
JW   Discarded drug not administe
JZ   Zero drug wasted
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