Nerve fiber   88545005


SNOMED code88545005
nameNerve fiber
date introduced2002-01-31
fully specified name(s)Structure of nerve fiber (body structure)
  • Nerve fiber
  • Structure of nerve fiber
  • Structure of nerve fibre
  • Nerve fibre
parentsNerve part   119410002
  • Entire nerve fiber   726785009
  • Myelinated nerve fiber structure   54115001
  • Non myelinated nerve fiber   46920005
  • Peripheral nerve myelinated nerve fiber   9881001
  • Structure of accessory nerve fiber within vagus nerve   1284873002
  • Structure of facial nerve parasympathetic fibers   6110005
  • Structure of glossopharyngeal nerve parasympathetic fibers   12620004
  • Structure of oculomotor nerve parasympathetic fibers   13458000
  • Structure of parasympathetic fibers to distal colon   50372005
  • Structure of parasympathetic fibers to external genitalia   16612003
  • Structure of parasympathetic fibers to urinary bladder   35428002
  • Structure of postganglionic sympathetic fiber   44821008
  • Structure of preganglionic sympathetic fiber   74380005
  • Structure of vagus nerve parasympathetic fibers   7532001
a selection of possible paths
SNOMED CT Concept   138875005
  Body structure   123037004
    Anatomical or acquired body structure   442083009
      Anatomical structure   91723000
        Body organ structure   113343008
          Organ part   91717005
            Nerve part   119410002
              Nerve fiber   88545005

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