CPT® Code Modifiers

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Genetic Testing Code Modifiers

section notes
0A0Z   Neoplasia (Solid Tumor, Excluding Sarcoma and Lymphoma)
1A1Z   Neoplasia (Sarcoma)
2A2Z   Neoplasia (Lymphoid/Hematopoietic)
3A3Z   Non-Neoplastic Hematology/Coagulation
4A4Z   Histocompatibility/Blood Typing/Identity/Microsatellite
5A5Z   Neurologic, Non-Neoplastic
6A6Z   Muscular, Non-Neoplastic
7A7Z   Metabolic, Other
8A8Z   Metabolic, Transport
9A9L   Metabolic-Pharmacogenetics
9M9Z   Dysmorphology
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