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Viewing:  May 26, 2019

HCPCS Procedure & Supply Codes

Temporary Codes

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Code(s) Description
Q0035   Cardiokymography
Q0081   Infusion ther other than che
Q0083Q0085   Chemotherapy
Q0091   Obtaining screen pap smear
Q0092   Set up port xray equipment
Q0111   Wet mounts/ w preparations
Q0112   Potassium hydroxide preps
Q0113   Pinworm examinations
Q0114   Fern test
Q0115   Post-coital mucous exam
Q0138Q0139   Ferumoxytol Injection
Q0144   Azithromycin dihydrate, oral
Q0161   Chlorpromazine hcl 5mg oral
Q0162   Ondansetron oral
Q0163Q0181   Anti-emetic Drugs during Chemotherapy
Q0477Q0509   Device Power and Other Supplies
Q0510Q0514   Pharmacy Supply & Dispensing Fees
Q0515   Sermorelin acetate injection
Q1004   Ntiol category 4
Q1005   Ntiol category 5
Q2004   Bladder calculi irrig sol
Q2009Q5104   Injections, Other
Q2034Q2039   Influenza Virus Vaccines
Q2041   Axicabtagene ciloleucel car+
Q2042   Tisagenlecleucel car-pos t
Q2043   Sipuleucel-t auto cd54+
Q2052   Ivig demo, services/supplies
Q3001   Brachytherapy radioelements
Q3014   Telehealth facility fee
Q3027Q3028   Beta Interferon Injections
Q3031   Collagen skin test
Q4001Q4051   Cast / Splint Supplies
Q4074   Iloprost non-comp unit dose
Q4081   Epoetin alfa, 100 units esrd
Q4082   Drug/bio noc part b drug cap
Q4100Q4204   Skin Substitutes
Q5001Q5010   Hospice Care
Q5105Q5111   Injections
Q9950Q9969   Contrast Materials
Q9982Q9983   Diagnostic
Q9991Q9992   Injections
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