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HCPCS Procedure & Supply Codes

Temporary Codes

section notes

Device Power and Other Supplies

section notes
Q0477 Pwr module pt cable lvad rpl
Q0478 Power adapter, combo vad
Q0479 Power module combo vad, rep
Q0480 Driver pneumatic vad, rep
Q0481 Microprcsr cu elec vad, rep
Q0482 Microprcsr cu combo vad, rep
Q0483 Monitor elec vad, rep
Q0484 Monitor elec or comb vad rep
Q0485 Monitor cable elec vad, rep
Q0486 Mon cable elec/pneum vad rep
Q0487 Leads any type vad, rep only
Q0488 Pwr pack base elec vad, rep
Q0489 Pwr pck base combo vad, rep
Q0490 Emr pwr source elec vad, rep
Q0491 Emr pwr source combo vad rep
Q0492 Emr pwr cbl elec vad, rep
Q0493 Emr pwr cbl combo vad, rep
Q0494 Emr hd pmp elec/combo, rep
Q0495 Charger elec/combo vad, rep
Q0496 Battery elec/combo vad, rep
Q0497 Bat clps elec/comb vad, rep
Q0498 Holster elec/combo vad, rep
Q0499 Belt/vest elec/combo vad rep
Q0500 Filters elec/combo vad, rep
Q0501 Shwr cov elec/combo vad, rep
Q0502 Mobility cart pneum vad, rep
Q0503 Battery pneum vad replacemnt
Q0504 Pwr adpt pneum vad, rep veh
Q0506 Lith-ion batt elec/pneum vad
Q0507 Misc sup/acc ext vad
Q0508 Mis sup/acc imp vad
Q0509 Mis sup/ac imp vad nopay med
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