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HCPCS Procedure & Supply Codes

Medical And Surgical Supplies

section notes

Dialysis Supplies

section notes
A4651 Calibrated microcap tube
A4652 Microcapillary tube sealant
A4653 Pd catheter anchor belt
A4657 Syringe w/wo needle
A4660 Sphyg/bp app w cuff and stet
A4663 Dialysis blood pressure cuff
A4670 Automatic bp monitor, dial
A4671 Disposable cycler set
A4672 Drainage ext line, dialysis
A4673 Ext line w easy lock connect
A4674 Chem/antisept solution, 8oz
A4680 Activated carbon filter, ea
A4690 Dialyzer, each
A4706 Bicarbonate conc sol per gal
A4707 Bicarbonate conc pow per pac
A4708 Acetate conc sol per gallon
A4709 Acid conc sol per gallon
A4714 Treated water per gallon
A4719 "y set" tubing
A4720 Dialysat sol fld vol > 249cc
A4721 Dialysat sol fld vol > 999cc
A4722 Dialys sol fld vol > 1999cc
A4723 Dialys sol fld vol > 2999cc
A4724 Dialys sol fld vol > 3999cc
A4725 Dialys sol fld vol > 4999cc
A4726 Dialys sol fld vol > 5999cc
A4728 Dialysate solution, non-dex
A4730 Fistula cannulation set, ea
A4736 Topical anesthetic, per gram
A4737 Inj anesthetic per 10 ml
A4740 Shunt accessory
A4750 Art or venous blood tubing
A4755 Comb art/venous blood tubing
A4760 Dialysate sol test kit, each
A4765 Dialysate conc pow per pack
A4766 Dialysate conc sol add 10 ml
A4770 Blood collection tube/vacuum
A4771 Serum clotting time tube
A4772 Blood glucose test strips
A4773 Occult blood test strips
A4774 Ammonia test strips
A4802 Protamine sulfate per 50 mg
A4860 Disposable catheter tips
A4870 Plumb/elec wk hm hemo equip
A4890 Repair/maint cont hemo equip
A4911 Drain bag/bottle
A4913 Misc dialysis supplies noc
A4918 Venous pressure clamp
A4927 Non-sterile gloves
A4928 Surgical mask
A4929 Tourniquet for dialysis, ea
A4930 Sterile, gloves per pair
A4931 Reusable oral thermometer
A4932 Reusable rectal thermometer
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