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Viewing:  May 26, 2019

HCPCS Procedure & Supply Codes

Medical And Surgical Supplies

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Code(s) Description
A4206A4290   Miscellaneous Medical and Surgical Supplies
A4300A4306   Vascular Catheters
A4310A4355   Incontinence Appliances and Care Supplies
A4356A4360   External Urinary Supplies
A4361A4435   Ostomy Supplies
A4450A4595   Miscellaneous Supplies
A4553A5114   Additional Incontinence Appliances/Supplies
A4600A4629   Supplies for Oxygen and Related Respiratory Equipment
A4630A4640   Supplies for Other Durable Medical Equipment
A4641A4650   Supplies for Radiological Procedures
A4651A4932   Supplies for ESRD
A5051A5093   Additional Ostomy Supplies
A5120A5200   Supplies for Either Incontinence or Ostomy Appliances
A5500A5514   Diabetic Shoes, Fitting, and Modifications
A6000A7527   Wound Dressings
A7000A7048   Respiratory Supplies
A8000A9286   Other Supplies
A9513A9598   Other Radiopharmaceutical Supplies
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