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HCPCS Procedure & Supply Codes

Temporary Procedures & Professional Services

section notes

Quality Reporting Codes

section notes
G0913 Improve visual funct
G0914 Survey not complete
G0915 No improve visual funct
G0916 Satisfy with care
G0917 Satisfy survey not complete
G0918 No satisfy with care
G2022 Benef refuses service, mod
G2081 Pt 66+ snp or ltc pos > 90d
G2092G2096   (ACE) Inhibitor Documentation
G2112 Pred<=5 mg ra glu <6m
G2113 Pred>5 mg >6m, no chg da
G2121 Psy dep anx ap and icd asse
G2122 Psy/dep/anx/apandicd noasse
G2128 No aspirin med rsn
G2129 No bp outpt
G2148G2150   Documentation - Multimodal Pain Management
G2173 Uri w comorb 12m oth dx
G2174 Uri new rx antibiotic 30d
G2175 Pt comorb dx 12m of epi
G2176 Outpt ed obs w inpt admit
G2177 Bronch w rx antibx 30d
G2178 Pt not elig low neuro ex
G2179 Med doc rsn no low ex
G2180 Inelig footwr eval
G2181 Bmi not doc medrsn ptref
G2182 Pt 1st biolog antirheum
G2183 Doc pt unable comm
G2184 No caregiver
G2185 Caregiver dem trained
G2186 Pt ref app rsrcs
G2187G2195   Patients with Clinical Indications for Imaging of the Head
G2196G2203   Unhealthy Alcohol Use Screenings
G2204 Pt 50-85 w/ scope
G2205G2208   Adjuvant Treatment Course
G2209 Refused to participate
G2210 No neck fs prom no rsn
G8395G8934   Left Ventricular Ejection Fraction (LVEF)
G8397G8398   Dilated Macular or Fundus Exam
G8399 Pt w/dxa results document
G8400G8484   G8400-G8499
G8506G8599   G8500-G8599
G8600G9663   G8600-G9663
G8633G9967   Measure Groups for Quality Payment Program
G8708G8798   G8700-G8798
G8806G8817   Procedures/Tests Documented/Not Documented
G8818G8885   G8818-G8897
G8907G8915   Patient Documented.....
G8916G8918   Patient with or without Preoperative Order for IV Antibiotic SSI Prophylaxis
G8924G8926   Spirometry test results
G8935G8937   ACE/ARB Therapy
G8938G8941   Test results with No Follow Up Plan - Not eligible or not documented
G8942 Doc fcn/care plan w/30 days
G8944 Ajcc mel cnr stg 0 - iic
G8946 Mibm but no dx of breast ca
G8950G8952   Pre-Hypertension or Hypertension BP Reading with or w/out Follow-up plan
G8955 Most recent assess vol mgmt
G8956G8956   Hemodialysis in an Outpatient Dialysis Facility
G8958 Assess vol mgmt not doc
G8961G8966   Cardiac Stress Imaging Test
G8967G8969   Warfarin or Oral Anticoagulant Prescribed or Not Prescribed
G8970G8970   Thromboembolism Risks
G9001G9011   Coordinated Care Fee
G9012 Other specified case mgmt
G9013G9014   ESRD Demo Bundle
G9016 Demo-smoking cessation coun
G9143G9928   Warfarin and/or Other FDA-Approved Anti-Coagulation
G9148G9150   National Committee for Quality Assurance
G9151G9153   MAPCP Demonstration
G9187 Bpci home visit
G9188G9192   Beta-blocker therapy
G9196G9198   Second generation cephalosporin for antimicrobial prophylaxis status
G9212 Doc of dsm-iv init eval
G9213 No doc of dsm-iv
G9223G9223   Pneumocystis jiroveci pneumonia prophylaxis
G9225G9226   Foot Exam
G9227 Foa doc, care plan not doc
G9228G9230   Chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis
G9231 Doc esrd dia trans preg
G9242 Doc viral load >=200
G9243 Doc viral load <200
G9246G9247   Last medical visit
G9250 Doc of pain comfort 48hr
G9251 Doc no pain comfort 48hr
G9254 Doc pt dischg >2d
G9255 Doc pt dischg <=2d
G9267G9270   Doc complications or mortality
G9273 Sys<140 and dia<90
G9274 Bp out of nrml limits
G9275 Doc of non tobacco user
G9276 Doc of tobacco user
G9277 Doc daily aspirin or contra
G9278 Doc no daily aspirin
G9279 Pne scrn done doc vac done
G9280 Pne not given norsn
G9281 Pne scrn done doc not ind
G9282 Doc medrsn no histo type
G9283 Hist type doc on report
G9284 No hist type doc on report
G9285 Site not small cell lung ca
G9286 Antibio rx w in 10d of sympt
G9287 No antibio w in 10d of sympt
G9288 Doc medrsn no hist type rpt
G9289 Doc type nsm lung ca
G9290 No doc type nsm lung ca
G9291 Not nsm lung ca
G9292 Medrsn no pt category
G9293 No pt category on report
G9294 Pt cat and thck on report
G9295 Non cutaneous loc
G9296 Doc share dec prior proc
G9297 No doc share dec prior proc
G9298 Eval risk vte card 30d prior
G9299 No eval risk vte card prior
G9305 No interv req for leak
G9306 Interv req for leak
G9307 No ret for surg w in 30d
G9308 Unpl ret or w/compl w/in 30d
G9309 No unplnd hosp readm in 30d
G9310 Unplnd hosp readm in 30d
G9311 No surg site infection
G9312 Surgical site infection
G9313 Amoxic not presc as 1st line
G9314 Norsn not first line amox
G9315 Doc first line amox
G9316 Doc comm risk calc
G9317 No doc comm risk calc
G9318G9327   Imaging study status
G9348G9354   CT Scan, Paranasal Sinuses Status
G9357G9358   Post-partum screenings, evaluations and education
G9360 No doc of neg or man pos tb
G9361 Doc rsn elect c-sec/induct
G9364 Sinus caus bac inx
G9365G9368   High Risk Medications Prescribed
G9393 Ini phq9 >9 remiss <5
G9394 Dx bipol, death, nhres, hosp
G9395 Ini phq9 >9 no remiss >=5
G9396 Ini phq9 >9 not assess
G9426 Impr med time edarr pain med
G9427 No impro med time pain med
G9468 No recd cortico>=10mg/d >60d
G9470 No rec cortico>60d 1rx 600mg
G9471 W/in 2yr dxa not order
G9498 Abx reg prescribed
G9500 Rad expos ind/exp tm doc
G9501 Rad expos ind/exp tm no doc
G9502 Med reas no perf foot exam
G9504 Doc rsn hep b stat not asses
G9505 Abx pres w/in 10 dys of symp
G9506 Bio imm resp mod presc
G9507 Doc reas on statin or contra
G9508 Doc pt not on statin
G9553 Prior thyroid dise dx
G9557 Ct/cta/mri/a no thyr <1.0cm
G9596 Ped pt hd ct ord
G9598 Aor ane 5.5-5.9 cm max diam
G9599 Aor ane >=6.0 cm max diam
G9674 Pt w/clin ascvd dx
G9675 Pt w/fast/dir lab ldl-c >190
G9676 40-75y w/type 1/2 w/ldl-c rs
G9687G9720   Hospice Care
G9689 Inpt elect carotid intervent
G9694 Hosp srv used pt in msmt per
G9695 Long act inhal bronchdil pre
G9696 Med rsn no presc bronchdil
G9697 Pt rsn no presc bronchdil
G9698 Sys rsn no presc bronchdil
G9699 Long inhal bronchdil no pres
G9700 Pt is w/hosp during msmt per
G9703 Anbx 30 prior to episode
G9704 Ajcc br ca stg i: t1 mic/t1a
G9705 Ajcc br ca stg ib
G9706 Low recur prost ca
G9707 Pt had hosp dur msmt per
G9708 Bilat mast/hx bi /unilat mas
G9709 Hosp srv used pt in msmt per
G9710 Pt prov hosp srv msmt per
G9711 Pt hx tot col or colon ca
G9712 Doc med rsn presc anbx
G9713 Pt use hosp during msmt per
G9714 Pt is w/hosp during msmt per
G9715 Pt w/hosp anytime msmt per
G9716 Bmi doc onl fup not cmpltd
G9717 Doc pt dx dep/bipol
G9719 Pt not ambul/immob/wc
G9721 Pt not ambul/immob/wc
G9722 Doc hx renal fail or cr+ >=4
G9723 Hosp recd by pt dur msmt per
G9724 Pt w/doc use anticoag mst yr
G9725 Pt w/hosp anytime msmt per
G9726 Refused to participate
G9727G9739   Patient Inability to Complete Evaluation
G9728G9738   Patient refused to participate
G9740 Hosp srv to pt dur msmt per
G9741 Pt w/hosp anytime msmt per
G9744 Pt not eli d/t act dig htn
G9745 Doc rsn no hbp scrn or f/u
G9746 Mit sten, valve or trans af
G9751 Pt died w/in 24 mos rpt time
G9752 Urgent surgery
G9760 Pt w/hosp anytime msmt per
G9772 Doc med rsn no temp >= 35.5
G9781 Doc rsn no statin
G9785 Path report sent
G9786 Path report not sent
G9862G9937   Colonoscopy
G9892G9893   DIlated Macular Examination
G9894G9897   Prostate Therapy
G9898 Pt 66+ snp or ltc pos > 90d
G9899G9900   Mammography Screening Results
G9901 Pt 66+ snp or ltc pos > 90d
G9902G9909   Tobacco Screening, Use & Cessation Intervention
G9910 Pt 66+ snp or ltc pos > 90d
G9911 Node neg pre/post syst ther
G9912G9915   Hepatitis b Virus (hbv) Status
G9916G9918   Functional Status
G9917 Adv dem crgvr limited
G9919G9926   Screenings
G9929 Trs/rev af
G9930 Com care
G9931 No chad or chad scr 0 or 1
G9932 Doc pt rsn no tb scrn recrds
G9938 Pt 66+ snp or ltc pos > 90d
G9939 Same path/derm perf biopsy
G9940 Doc reas no statin therapy
G9942 Adtl spine proc on same date
G9945 Pt w/cancer scoliosis
G9948 Adtl spine proc on same date
G9968G9970   Provider Referrals
G9974G9977   Dilated Macular Examination
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