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HCPCS Procedure & Supply Codes

Temporary Procedures & Professional Services

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Quality Reporting Codes

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section notes
G8506 Pt rec ace/arb
G8509 Pos pain assess no f/u doc
G8510 Scr dep neg, no plan reqd
G8511 Scr dep pos, no plan doc rng
G8535 Eld maltreatment not doc
G8536 No doc elder mal scrn
G8539 Doc funct and care plan
G8540 Foa not doc as being perf
G8541 No doc cur funct assess
G8542 Doc funct no deficiencies
G8543 Cur funct asses; no care pln
G8559 Pt ref doc oto eval
G8560 Pt hx act drain prev 90 days
G8561 Pt inelig for ref oto eval
G8562 Pt no hx act drain 90 d
G8563 Pt no ref oto reas no spec
G8564 Pt ref oto eval
G8565 Ver doc hear loss
G8566 Pt inelig ref oto eval
G8567 Pt no doc hear loss
G8568 Pt no ref otolo no spec
G8569 Prol intubation req
G8570 No prol intub req
G8571 Ster wd ifx 30 d postop
G8572 No ster wd ifx
G8573 Stk cabg
G8574 No strk cabg
G8575 Postop ren fail
G8576 No postop ren fail
G8577 Reop req bld grft oth
G8578 No reop req bld grft oth
G8598 Asa/antiplat ther used
G8599 No asa/antiplat ther use rng
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