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HCPCS Procedure & Supply Codes

Orthotic Devices & Services

section notes

Orthotic Devices -- Lower Limb

section notes

Knee Orthosis (KO)

section notes
L1810 Ko elastic with joints
L1812 Ko elastic w/joints pre ots
L1820 Ko elas w/ condyle pads & jo
L1830 Ko immob canvas long pre ots
L1831 Knee orth pos locking joint
L1832 Ko adj jnt pos r sup pre cst
L1833 Ko adj jnt pos r sup pre ots
L1834 Ko w/0 joint rigid molded to
L1836 Ko rigid w/o joints pre ots
L1840 Ko derot ant cruciate custom
L1843 Ko single upright pre cst
L1844 Ko w/adj jt rot cntrl molded
L1845 Ko double upright pre cst
L1846 Ko w adj flex/ext rotat mold
L1847 Ko dbl upright w/air pre cst
L1848 Ko dbl upright w/air pre ots
L1850 Ko swedish type pre ots
L1851 Ko single upright prefab ots
L1852 Ko double upright prefab ots
L1860 Ko supracondylar socket mold
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