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Viewing:  Nov 21, 2019

HCPCS Procedure & Supply Codes

Orthotic Devices & Services

section notes

Orthotic Devices -- Lower Limb

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Ankle-Foot Orthosis (AFO)

section notes
L1900 Afo sprng wir drsflx calf bd
L1902 Afo ankle gauntlet pre ots
L1904 Afo molded ankle gauntlet
L1906 Afo multilig ank sup pre ots
L1907 Afo supramalleolar custom
L1910 Afo sing bar clasp attach sh
L1920 Afo sing upright w/ adjust s
L1930 Afo plastic
L1932 Afo rig ant tib prefab tcf/=
L1940 Afo molded to patient plasti
L1945 Afo molded plas rig ant tib
L1950 Afo spiral molded to pt plas
L1951 Afo spiral prefabricated
L1960 Afo pos solid ank plastic mo
L1970 Afo plastic molded w/ankle j
L1971 Afo w/ankle joint, prefab
L1980 Afo sing solid stirrup calf
L1990 Afo doub solid stirrup calf
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