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Viewing:  Nov 20, 2019

HCPCS Procedure & Supply Codes

Orthotic Devices & Services

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Orthotic Devices -- Lower Limb

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Additions - Pelvic and Thoracic Control

section notes
L2570 Hip clevis type 2 posit jnt
L2580 Pelvic control pelvic sling
L2600 Hip clevis/thrust bearing fr
L2610 Hip clevis/thrust bearing lo
L2620 Pelvic control hip heavy dut
L2622 Hip joint adjustable flexion
L2624 Hip adj flex ext abduct cont
L2627 Plastic mold recipro hip & c
L2628 Metal frame recipro hip & ca
L2630 Pelvic control band & belt u
L2640 Pelvic control band & belt b
L2650 Pelv & thor control gluteal
L2660 Thoracic control thoracic ba
L2670 Thorac cont paraspinal uprig
L2680 Thorac cont lat support upri
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