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Viewing:  Jul 20, 2019

HCPCS Procedure & Supply Codes

Orthotic Devices & Services

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Orthotic Devices -- Upper Limb

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Code(s) Description
L3650L3678   Shoulder Orthosis (SO)
L3702L3766   Elbow
L3806L3809   Wrist-Hand-Finger Orthosis (WHFO)
L3891L3891   Additions
L3900L3901   Dynamic Flexor Hinge, Reciprocal Wrist Extension/Flexion, Finger Flexion/Extension
L3904L3904   External Power
L3905L3956   Other WHFOs -- Custom Fitted
L3960L3967   Abduction Position, Custom Fitted
L3971L3973   Additions to Mobile Arm Supports
L3975L4210   Shoulder-Elbow-Wrist-Hand Orthosis (SEWHO)
L4396   Static or dynami afo pre cst
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