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HCPCS Procedure & Supply Codes

Private Payer Codes

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Code(s) Description
S9001   Home uterine monitor with or
S9007   Ultrafiltration monitor
S9024   Paranasal sinus ultrasound
S9025   Omnicardiogram/cardiointegra
S9034   Eswl for gallstones
S9055   Procuren or other growth fac
S9056   Coma stimulation per diem
S9061   Medical supplies and equipme
S9083   Urgent care center global
S9088   Services provided in urgent
S9090   Vertebral axial decompressio
S9097   Home visit wound care
S9098   Home phototherapy visit
S9110   Telemonitoring/home per mnth
S9117   Back school visit
S9122   Home health aide or certifie
S9123   Nursing care in home rn
S9124   Nursing care, in the home; b
S9125   Respite care, in the home, p
S9126   Hospice care, in the home, p
S9127   Social work visit, in the ho
S9128   Speech therapy, in the home,
S9129   Occupational therapy, in the
S9131   Pt in the home per diem
S9140   Diabetic management program,
S9141   Diabetic management program,
S9145   Insulin pump initiation
S9150   Evaluation by ocularist
S9152   Speech therapy, re-eval
S9208   Home mgmt preterm labor
S9209   Home mgmt pprom
S9211   Home mgmt gest hypertension
S9212   Hm postpar hyper per diem
S9213   Hm preeclamp per diem
S9214   Hm gest dm per diem
S9325   Hit pain mgmt per diem
S9326   Hit cont pain per diem
S9327   Hit int pain per diem
S9328   Hit pain imp pump diem
S9329   Hit chemo per diem
S9330   Hit cont chem diem
S9331   Hit intermit chemo diem
S9335   Ht hemodialysis diem
S9336   Hit cont anticoag diem
S9338   Hit immunotherapy diem
S9339   Hit periton dialysis diem
S9340   Hit enteral per diem
S9341   Hit enteral grav diem
S9342   Hit enteral pump diem
S9343   Hit enteral bolus nurs
S9345   Hit anti-hemophil diem
S9346   Hit alpha-1-proteinas diem
S9347   Hit longterm infusion diem
S9348   Hit sympathomim diem
S9349   Hit tocolysis diem
S9351   Hit cont antiemetic diem
S9353   Hit cont insulin diem
S9355   Hit chelation diem
S9357   Hit enzyme replace diem
S9359   Hit anti-tnf per diem
S9361   Hit diuretic infus diem
S9363   Hit anti-spasmotic diem
S9364   Hit tpn total diem
S9365   Hit tpn 1 liter diem
S9366   Hit tpn 2 liter diem
S9367   Hit tpn 3 liter diem
S9368   Hit tpn over 3l diem
S9370   Ht inj antiemetic diem
S9372   Ht inj anticoag diem
S9373   Hit hydra total diem
S9374   Hit hydra 1 liter diem
S9375   Hit hydra 2 liter diem
S9376   Hit hydra 3 liter diem
S9377   Hit hydra over 3l diem
S9379   Hit noc per diem
S9381   Hit high risk/escort
S9401   Anticoag clinic per session
S9430   Pharmacy comp/disp serv
S9433   Medical food oral 100% nutr
S9434   Mod solid food suppl
S9435   Medical foods for inborn err
S9436   Lamaze class
S9437   Childbirth refresher class
S9438   Cesarean birth class
S9439   Vbac class
S9441   Asthma education
S9442   Birthing class
S9443   Lactation class
S9444   Parenting class
S9445   Pt education noc individ
S9446   Pt education noc group
S9447   Infant safety class
S9449   Weight mgmt class
S9451   Exercise class
S9452   Nutrition class
S9453   Smoking cessation class
S9454   Stress mgmt class
S9455   Diabetic management program,
S9460   Diabetic management program,
S9465   Diabetic management program,
S9470   Nutritional counseling, diet
S9472   Cardiac rehabilitation progr
S9473   Pulmonary rehabilitation pro
S9474   Enterostomal therapy by a re
S9475   Ambulatory setting substance
S9476   Vestibular rehab per diem
S9480   Intensive outpatient psychia
S9482   Family stabilization 15 min
S9484   Crisis intervention per hour
S9485   Crisis intervention mental h
S9490   Hit corticosteroid/diem
S9494   Hit antibiotic total diem
S9497   Hit antibiotic q3h diem
S9500   Hit antibiotic q24h diem
S9501   Hit antibiotic q12h diem
S9502   Hit antibiotic q8h diem
S9503   Hit antibiotic q6h diem
S9504   Hit antibiotic q4h diem
S9529   Venipuncture home/snf
S9537   Ht hem horm inj diem
S9538   Hit blood products diem
S9542   Ht inj noc per diem
S9558   Ht inj growth horm diem
S9559   Hit inj interferon diem
S9560   Ht inj hormone diem
S9562   Ht inj palivizumab diem
S9590   Ht irrigation diem
S9810   Ht pharm per hour
S9900   Christian sci pract visit
S9901   Christian sci nurse visit
S9960   Air ambulanc nonemerg fixed
S9961   Air ambulan nonemerg rotary
S9970   Health club membership yr
S9975   Transplant related per diem
S9976   Lodging per diem
S9977   Meals per diem
S9981   Med record copy admin
S9982   Med record copy per page
S9986   Not medically necessary svc
S9988   Serv part of phase i trial
S9989   Services outside us
S9990   Services provided as part of
S9991   Services provided as part of
S9992   Transportation costs to and
S9994   Lodging costs (e.g. hotel ch
S9996   Meals for clinical trial par
S9999   Sales tax
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