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HCPCS Procedure & Supply Codes

Private Payer Codes

section notes


section notes
S9001   Home uterine monitor with or without associated nursing services
S9007   Ultrafiltration monitor
S9024   Paranasal sinus ultrasound
S9025   Omnicardiogram/cardiointegram
S9034   Extracorporeal shockwave lithotripsy for gall stones (if performed with ercp, us...
S9055   Procuren or other growth factor preparation to promote wound healing
S9056   Coma stimulation per diem
S9061   Home administration of aerosolized drug therapy (e.g., pentamidine); administrat...
S9083   Global fee urgent care centers
S9088   Services provided in an urgent care center (list in addition to code for service)
S9090   Vertebral axial decompression, per session
S9097   Home visit for wound care
S9098   Home visit, phototherapy services (e.g., bili-lite), including equipment rental,...
S9110   Telemonitoring of patient in their home, including all necessary equipment; comp...
S9117   Back school, per visit
S9122S9131   Services Provided in the Home
S9140S9465   Diabetic Management Program
S9145   Insulin pump initiation, instruction in initial use of pump (pump not included)
S9150   Evaluation by ocularist
S9152   Speech therapy, re-evaluation
S9208S9214   Pregnancy Home Management, Including Administrative Services
S9325S9504   Home Infusion Therapy
S9335S9810   Home Therapy, Including Administrative Services
S9381   Delivery or service to high risk areas requiring escort or extra protection, per...
S9401   Anticoagulation clinic, inclusive of all services except laboratory tests, per s...
S9430   Pharmacy compounding and dispensing services
S9432S9435   Medical Food/Supplement
S9436S9454   Education/Class
S9470   Nutritional counseling, dietitian visit
S9472   Cardiac rehabilitation program, non-physician provider, per diem
S9473   Pulmonary rehabilitation program, non-physician provider, per diem
S9474   Enterostomal therapy by a registered nurse certified in enterostomal therapy, pe...
S9475S9485   Behavioral Health Services
S9476   Vestibular rehabilitation program, non-physician provider, per diem
S9529   Routine venipuncture for collection of specimen(s), single home bound, nursing h...
S9538   Home transfusion of blood product(s); administrative services, professional phar...
S9542S9563   Home Injectable Therapy, Including Administrative Services
S9900   Services by a journal-listed christian science practitioner for the purpose of h...
S9901   Services by a journal-listed christian science nurse, per hour
S9960   Ambulance service, conventional air service, nonemergency transport, one way (fi...
S9961   Ambulance service, conventional air service, nonemergency transport, one way (ro...
S9970   Health club membership, annual
S9975   Transplant related lodging, meals and transportation, per diem
S9976   Lodging, per diem, not otherwise classified
S9977   Meals, per diem, not otherwise specified
S9981   Medical records copying fee, administrative
S9982   Medical records copying fee, per page
S9986   Not medically necessary service (patient is aware that service not medically nec...
S9988S9996   Clinical Trial Services/Costs
S9989   Services provided outside of the United States of America (list in addition to c...
S9999   Sales tax
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