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HCPCS Procedure & Supply Codes

State Medicaid Agency Codes

section notes


section notes
T2001   Non-emergency transportation; patient attendant/escort
T2002   Non-emergency transportation; per diem
T2003   Non-emergency transportation; encounter/trip
T2004   Non-emergency transport; commercial carrier, multi-pass
T2005   Non-emergency transportation; stretcher van
T2007   Transportation waiting time, air ambulance and non-emergency vehicle, one-half (...
T2010   Preadmission screening and resident review (pasrr) level i identification screen...
T2011   Preadmission screening and resident review (pasrr) level ii evaluation, per eval...
T2012   Habilitation, educational; waiver, per diem
T2013   Habilitation, educational, waiver; per hour
T2014   Habilitation, prevocational, waiver; per diem
T2015   Habilitation, prevocational, waiver; per hour
T2016   Habilitation, residential, waiver; per diem
T2017   Habilitation, residential, waiver; 15 minutes
T2018   Habilitation, supported employment, waiver; per diem
T2019   Habilitation, supported employment, waiver; per 15 minutes
T2020   Day habilitation, waiver; per diem
T2021   Day habilitation, waiver; per 15 minutes
T2022   Case management, per month
T2023   Targeted case management; per month
T2024   Service assessment/plan of care development, waiver
T2025   Waiver services; not otherwise specified (nos)
T2026   Specialized childcare, waiver; per diem
T2027   Specialized childcare, waiver; per 15 minutes
T2028   Specialized supply, not otherwise specified, waiver
T2029   Specialized medical equipment, not otherwise specified, waiver
T2030   Assisted living, waiver; per month
T2031   Assisted living; waiver, per diem
T2032   Residential care, not otherwise specified (nos), waiver; per month
T2033   Residential care, not otherwise specified (nos), waiver; per diem
T2034   Crisis intervention, waiver; per diem
T2035   Utility services to support medical equipment and assistive technology/devices, ...
T2036   Therapeutic camping, overnight, waiver; each session
T2037   Therapeutic camping, day, waiver; each session
T2038   Community transition, waiver; per service
T2039   Vehicle modifications, waiver; per service
T2040   Financial management, self-directed, waiver; per 15 minutes
T2041   Supports brokerage, self-directed, waiver; per 15 minutes
T2042   Hospice routine home care; per diem
T2043   Hospice continuous home care; per hour
T2044   Hospice inpatient respite care; per diem
T2045   Hospice general inpatient care; per diem
T2046   Hospice long term care, room and board only; per diem
T2047   Habilitation, prevocational, waiver; per 15 minutes
T2048   Behavioral health; long-term care residential (non-acute care in a residential t...
T2049   Non-emergency transportation; stretcher van, mileage; per mile
T2050   Financial management, self-directed, waiver; per diem
T2051   Supports brokerage, self-directed, waiver; per diem
T2101   Human breast milk processing, storage and distribution only
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