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HCPCS Procedure & Supply Codes

Temporary Hospital Outpatient PPS

section notes

Catheter Supplies/Services

section notes
C1714   Catheter, transluminal atherectomy, directional
C1724   Catheter, transluminal atherectomy, rotational
C1725   Catheter, transluminal angioplasty, non-laser (may include guidance, infusion/pe...
C1726   Catheter, balloon dilatation, non-vascular
C1727   Catheter, balloon tissue dissector, non-vascular (insertable)
C1728   Catheter, brachytherapy seed administration
C1729   Catheter, drainage
C1730   Catheter, electrophysiology, diagnostic, other than 3d mapping (19 or fewer elec...
C1731   Catheter, electrophysiology, diagnostic, other than 3d mapping (20 or more elect...
C1732   Catheter, electrophysiology, diagnostic/ablation, 3d or vector mapping
C1733   Catheter, electrophysiology, diagnostic/ablation, other than 3d or vector mappin...
C1750   Catheter, hemodialysis/peritoneal, long-term
C1751   Catheter, infusion, inserted peripherally, centrally or midline (other than hemo...
C1752   Catheter, hemodialysis/peritoneal, short-term
C1753   Catheter, intravascular ultrasound
C1754   Catheter, intradiscal
C1755   Catheter, intraspinal
C1756   Catheter, pacing, transesophageal
C1757   Catheter, thrombectomy/embolectomy
C1758   Catheter, ureteral
C1759   Catheter, intracardiac echocardiography
C1761   Catheter, transluminal intravascular lithotripsy, coronary
C1885   Catheter, transluminal angioplasty, laser
C1886   Catheter, extravascular tissue ablation, any modality (insertable)
C1887   Catheter, guiding (may include infusion/perfusion capability)
C1888   Catheter, ablation, non-cardiac, endovascular (implantable)
C1982   Catheter, pressure-generating, one-way valve, intermittently occlusive
C2623   Catheter, transluminal angioplasty, drug-coated, non-laser
C2627   Catheter, suprapubic/cystoscopic
C2628   Catheter, occlusion
C2630   Catheter, electrophysiology, diagnostic/ablation, other than 3d or vector mappin...
C9780   Insertion of central venous catheter through central venous occlusion via inferi...
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