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HCPCS Procedure & Supply Codes

Temporary Hospital Outpatient PPS

section notes
C1052   Hemostatic agent, gastrointestinal, topical
C1062   Intravertebral body fracture augmentation with implant (e.g., metal, polymer)
C1713   Anchor/screw for opposing bone-to-bone or soft tissue-to-bone (implantable)
C1714C1759   Catheter Supplies/Services
C1715C2699   Brachytherapy Services/Supplies
C1721C9899   Implant/Prosthesis (includes medication implant)
C1748C9745   Endoscopy Supplies/Services
C1760   Closure device, vascular (implantable/insertable)
C1762   Connective tissue, human (includes fascia lata)
C1763   Connective tissue, non-human (includes synthetic)
C1764   Event recorder, cardiac (implantable)
C1765   Adhesion barrier
C1766   Introducer/sheath, guiding, intracardiac electrophysiological, steerable, other ...
C1767   Generator, neurostimulator (implantable), non-rechargeable
C1768C9363   Skin Substitutes/Grafts Services/Supplies
C1769   Guide wire
C1770   Imaging coil, magnetic resonance (insertable)
C1771   Repair device, urinary, incontinence, with sling graft
C1773   Retrieval device, insertable (used to retrieve fractured medical devices)
C1777C1779   Leads
C1780   Lens, intraocular (new technology)
C1781   Mesh (implantable)
C1782   Morcellator
C1785C1786   Pacemakers, rate responsive
C1787   Patient programmer, neurostimulator
C1788   Port, indwelling (implantable)
C1816   Receiver and/or transmitter, neurostimulator (implantable)
C1817   Septal defect implant system, intracardiac
C1818   Integrated keratoprosthesis
C1819   Surgical tissue localization and excision device (implantable)
C1820C1825   Generators
C1830   Powered bone marrow biopsy needle
C1831   Personalized, anterior and lateral interbody cage (implantable)
C1833   Monitor, cardiac, including intracardiac lead and all system components (implantable)
C1874C1877   Stents
C1880   Vena cava filter
C1881   Dialysis access system (implantable)
C1882   Cardioverter-defibrillator, other than single or dual chamber (implantable)
C1883   Adapter/extension, pacing lead or neurostimulator lead (implantable)
C1884   Embolization protective system
C1890   No implantable/insertable device used with device-intensive procedures
C1892   Introducer/sheath, guiding, intracardiac electrophysiological, fixed-curve, peel-away
C1893   Introducer/sheath, guiding, intracardiac electrophysiological, fixed-curve, othe...
C1894   Introducer/sheath, other than guiding, other than intracardiac electrophysiologi...
C2596   Probe, image-guided, robotic, waterjet ablation
C2613   Lung biopsy plug with delivery system
C2614   Probe, percutaneous lumbar discectomy
C2615   Sealant, pulmonary, liquid
C2617   Stent, non-coronary, temporary, without delivery system
C2618   Probe/needle, cryoablation
C2619C2621   Pacemakers - continued
C2625   Stent, non-coronary, temporary, with delivery system
C2626   Infusion pump, non-programmable, temporary (implantable)
C2629   Introducer/sheath, other than guiding, other than intracardiac electrophysiologi...
C2631   Repair device, urinary, incontinence, without sling graft
C8900C9763   MRA/MRI
C8921C8930   TTE/TEE
C8957   Intravenous infusion for therapy/diagnosis; initiation of prolonged infusion (mo...
C9046   Cocaine hydrochloride nasal solution for topical administration, 1 mg
C9046C9257   Injections
C9088   Instillation, bupivacaine and meloxicam, 1 mg/0.03 mg
C9250   Human plasma fibrin sealant, vapor-heated, solvent-detergent (artiss), 2 ml
C9285   Lidocaine 70 mg/tetracaine 70 mg, per patch
C9354   Acellular pericardial tissue matrix of non-human origin (veritas), per square ce...
C9355   Collagen nerve cuff (neuromatrix), per 0.5 centimeter length
C9356   Tendon, porous matrix of cross-linked collagen and glycosaminoglycan matrix (ten...
C9358   Dermal substitute, native, non-denatured collagen, fetal bovine origin (surgimen...
C9359   Porous purified collagen matrix bone void filler (integra mozaik osteoconductive...
C9360   Dermal substitute, native, non-denatured collagen, neonatal bovine origin (surgi...
C9361   Collagen matrix nerve wrap (neuromend collagen nerve wrap), per 0.5 centimeter length
C9362   Porous purified collagen matrix bone void filler (integra mozaik osteoconductive...
C9399   Unclassified drugs or biologicals
C9507   Plasma, high titer covid-19 convalescent, each unit
C9600C9608   Drug-eluting stents
C9725   Placement of endorectal intracavitary applicator for high intensity brachytherapy
C9726   Placement and removal (if performed) of applicator into breast for intraoperativ...
C9728   Placement of interstitial device(s) for radiation therapy/surgery guidance (e.g....
C9733   Non-ophthalmic fluorescent vascular angiography
C9734   Focused ultrasound ablation/therapeutic intervention, other than uterine leiomyo...
C9738   Adjunctive blue light cystoscopy with fluorescent imaging agent (list separatel...
C9751   Bronchoscopy, rigid or flexible, transbronchial ablation of lesion(s) by microwa...
C9756   Intraoperative near-infrared fluorescence lymphatic mapping of lymph node(s) (se...
C9757   Laminotomy (hemilaminectomy), with decompression of nerve root(s), including par...
C9758C9760   Transcatheter Services
C9761   Cystourethroscopy, with ureteroscopy and/or pyeloscopy, with lithotripsy, and ur...
C9764C9767   Revascularization, endovascular, open or percutaneous, any vessel(s)
C9768   Endoscopic ultrasound-guided direct measurement of hepatic portosystemic pressur...
C9769   Cystourethroscopy, with insertion of temporary prostatic implant/stent with fixa...
C9770   Vitrectomy, mechanical, pars plana approach, with subretinal injection of pharma...
C9771   Nasal/sinus endoscopy, cryoablation nasal tissue(s) and/or nerve(s), unilateral ...
C9772C9775   Revascularization, Endovascular, Open or Percutaneous, Tibial/Peroneal Artery(ies)
C9776   Intraoperative near-infrared fluorescence imaging of major extra-hepatic bile du...
C9777   Esophageal mucosal integrity testing by electrical impedance, transoral, include...
C9778   Colpopexy, vaginal; minimally invasive extra-peritoneal approach (sacrospinous)
C9781   Arthroscopy, shoulder, surgical; with implantation of subacromial spacer (e.g., ...
C9782   Blinded procedure for new york heart association (nyha) class ii or iii heart fa...
C9783   Blinded procedure for transcatheter implantation of coronary sinus reduction dev...
C9803   Hospital outpatient clinic visit specimen collection for severe acute respirator...
C9898   Radiolabeled product provided during a hospital inpatient stay
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