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HCPCS Procedure & Supply Codes

Medical And Surgical Supplies

section notes

Respiratory Supplies

section notes
A7000 Disposable canister for pump
A7001 Nondisposable pump canister
A7002 Tubing used w suction pump
A7003 Nebulizer administration set
A7004 Disposable nebulizer sml vol
A7005 Nondisposable nebulizer set
A7006 Filtered nebulizer admin set
A7007 Lg vol nebulizer disposable
A7008 Disposable nebulizer prefill
A7009 Nebulizer reservoir bottle
A7010 Disposable corrugated tubing
A7012 Nebulizer water collec devic
A7013 Disposable compressor filter
A7014 Compressor nondispos filter
A7015 Aerosol mask used w nebulize
A7016 Nebulizer dome & mouthpiece
A7017 Nebulizer not used w oxygen
A7025 Replace chest compress vest
A7026 Replace chst cmprss sys hose
A7027 Combination oral/nasal mask
A7028 Repl oral cushion combo mask
A7029 Repl nasal pillow comb mask
A7030 Cpap full face mask
A7031 Replacement facemask interfa
A7032 Replacement nasal cushion
A7033 Replacement nasal pillows
A7034 Nasal application device
A7035 Pos airway press headgear
A7036 Pos airway press chinstrap
A7037 Pos airway pressure tubing
A7038 Pos airway pressure filter
A7039 Filter, non disposable w pap
A7040 One way chest drain valve
A7041 Water seal drain container
A7044 Pap oral interface
A7045 Repl exhalation port for pap
A7046 Repl water chamber, pap dev
A7047 Resp suction oral interface
A7048 Vacuum drain bottle/tube kit
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