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HCPCS Procedure & Supply Codes

Rehabilitative Services

section notes

Behavioral health services

section notes
H0031   Mental health assessment, by non-physician
H0032   Mental health service plan development by non-physician
H0033   Oral medication administration, direct observation
H0035   Mental health partial hospitalization, treatment, less than 24 hours
H0036   Community psychiatric supportive treatment, face-to-face, per 15 minutes
H0037   Community psychiatric supportive treatment program, per diem
H0038   Self-help/peer services, per 15 minutes
H0039   Assertive community treatment, face-to-face, per 15 minutes
H0040   Assertive community treatment program, per diem
H0046   Mental health services, not otherwise specified
H2011   Crisis intervention service, per 15 minutes
H2012   Behavioral health day treatment, per hour
H2013   Psychiatric health facility service, per diem
H2014   Skills training and development, per 15 minutes
H2015   Comprehensive community support services, per 15 minutes
H2016   Comprehensive community support services, per diem
H2017   Psychosocial rehabilitation services, per 15 minutes
H2018   Psychosocial rehabilitation services, per diem
H2019   Therapeutic behavioral services, per 15 minutes
H2020   Therapeutic behavioral services, per diem
H2021   Community-based wrap-around services, per 15 minutes
H2022   Community-based wrap-around services, per diem
H2027   Psychoeducational service, per 15 minutes
H2028   Sexual offender treatment service, per 15 minutes
H2029   Sexual offender treatment service, per diem
H2030   Mental health clubhouse services, per 15 minutes
H2031   Mental health clubhouse services, per diem
H2032   Activity therapy, per 15 minutes
H2033   Multisystemic therapy for juveniles, per 15 minutes
H2037   Developmental delay prevention activities, dependent child of client, per 15 minutes
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