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HCPCS Procedure & Supply Codes

Rehabilitative Services

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Code(s) Description
H0001   Alcohol and/or drug assess
H0002   Alcohol and/or drug screenin
H0003   Alcohol and/or drug screenin
H0004   Alcohol and/or drug services
H0005   Alcohol and/or drug services
H0006   Alcohol and/or drug services
H0007   Alcohol and/or drug services
H0008   Alcohol and/or drug services
H0009   Alcohol and/or drug services
H0010   Alcohol and/or drug services
H0011   Alcohol and/or drug services
H0012   Alcohol and/or drug services
H0013   Alcohol and/or drug services
H0014   Alcohol and/or drug services
H0015   Alcohol and/or drug services
H0016   Alcohol and/or drug services
H0017   Alcohol and/or drug services
H0018   Alcohol and/or drug services
H0019   Alcohol and/or drug services
H0020   Alcohol and/or drug services
H0021   Alcohol and/or drug training
H0022   Alcohol and/or drug interven
H0023   Alcohol and/or drug outreach
H0024   Alcohol and/or drug preventi
H0025   Alcohol and/or drug preventi
H0026   Alcohol and/or drug preventi
H0027   Alcohol and/or drug preventi
H0028   Alcohol and/or drug preventi
H0029   Alcohol and/or drug preventi
H0030   Alcohol and/or drug hotline
H0031   Mh health assess by non-md
H0032   Mh svc plan dev by non-md
H0033   Oral med adm direct observe
H0034   Med trng & support per 15min
H0035   Mh partial hosp tx under 24h
H0036   Comm psy face-face per 15min
H0037   Comm psy sup tx pgm per diem
H0038   Self-help/peer svc per 15min
H0039   Asser com tx face-face/15min
H0040   Assert comm tx pgm per diem
H0041   Fos c chld non-ther per diem
H0042   Fos c chld non-ther per mon
H0043   Supported housing, per diem
H0044   Supported housing, per month
H0045   Respite not-in-home per diem
H0046   Mental health service, nos
H0047   Alcohol/drug abuse svc nos
H0048   Spec coll non-blood:a/d test
H0049   Alcohol/drug screening
H0050   Alcohol/drug service 15 min
H1000   Prenatal care atrisk assessm
H1001   Antepartum management
H1002   Carecoordination prenatal
H1003   Prenatal at risk education
H1004   Follow up home visit/prental
H1005   Prenatalcare enhanced srv pk
H1010   Nonmed family planning ed
H1011   Family assessment
H2000   Comp multidisipln evaluation
H2001   Rehabilitation program 1/2 d
H2010   Comprehensive med svc 15 min
H2011   Crisis interven svc, 15 min
H2012   Behav hlth day treat, per hr
H2013   Psych hlth fac svc, per diem
H2014   Skills train and dev, 15 min
H2015   Comp comm supp svc, 15 min
H2016   Comp comm supp svc, per diem
H2017   Psysoc rehab svc, per 15 min
H2018   Psysoc rehab svc, per diem
H2019   Ther behav svc, per 15 min
H2020   Ther behav svc, per diem
H2021   Com wrap-around sv, 15 min
H2022   Com wrap-around sv, per diem
H2023   Supported employ, per 15 min
H2024   Supported employ, per diem
H2025   Supp maint employ, 15 min
H2026   Supp maint employ, per diem
H2027   Psychoed svc, per 15 min
H2028   Sex offend tx svc, 15 min
H2029   Sex offend tx svc, per diem
H2030   Mh clubhouse svc, per 15 min
H2031   Mh clubhouse svc, per diem
H2032   Activity therapy, per 15 min
H2033   Multisys ther/juvenile 15min
H2034   A/d halfway house, per diem
H2035   A/d tx program, per hour
H2036   A/d tx program, per diem
H2037   Dev delay prev dp ch, 15 min
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