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ICD-10-PCS Procedure Codes

00160700YWBXYZ   Section 0 - Medical and Surgical
102073Z10Y07ZY   Section 1 - Obstetrics
2W00X0Z2Y55X5Z   Section 2 - Placement
30233AZ3E1Y38Z   Section 3 - Administration
4A0002Z4B0FXVZ   Section 4 - Measurement and Monitoring
5A021105A2204Z   Section 5 - Extracorporeal or Systemic Assistance and Performance
6A0Z0ZZ6ABT0BZ   Section 6 - Extracorporeal or Systemic Therapies
7W00X0Z7W09X9Z   Section 7 - Osteopathic
8C01X6J8E0ZXY6   Section 8 - Other Procedures
9WB0XBZ9WB9XLZ   Section 9 - Chiropractic
B00B0ZZBY4GZZZ   Section B - Imaging
C0101ZZCW7YYZZ   Section C - Nuclear Medicine
D0000ZZDWY6FZZ   Section D - Radiation Therapy
F003GKZF15Z7ZZ   Section F - Physical Rehabilitation and Diagnostic Audiology
GZ10ZZZGZJZZZZ   Section G - Mental Health
HZ2ZZZZHZ99ZZZ   Section H - Substance Abuse Treatment
X0HK3Q8XY0YX37   Section X - New Technology
02VW0DJXW24376   -/+ Deleted, Replaced, Expanded Codes
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