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ICD-10-PCS Procedure Codes

Section 0 - Medical and Surgical

section notes
001607000XS4ZS   Body System 0 - Central Nervous System and Cranial Nerves
012YX0Z01XH4ZH   Body System 1 - Peripheral Nervous System
021008302YA0Z2   Body System 2 - Heart and Great Vessels
031209003WYXMZ   Body System 3 - Upper Arteries
041009004WYXKZ   Body System 4 - Lower Arteries
051007Y05WYXKZ   Body System 5 - Upper Veins
061007506WYXKZ   Body System 6 - Lower Veins
072KX0Z07YP0Z2   Body System 7 - Lymphatic and Hemic Systems
080N07Z08XM3ZZ   Body System 8 - Eye
090007Z09WYX0Z   Body System 9 - Ear, Nose, Sinus
0B110D60BYM0Z2   Body System B - Respiratory System
0C00X7Z0CX7XZZ   Body System C - Mouth and Throat
0D110740DYE0Z2   Body System D - Gastrointestinal System
0F140D30FYG0Z2   Body System F - Hepatobiliary System and Pancreas
0G20X0Z0GWSX3Z   Body System G - Endocrine System
0H0T07Z0HXNXZZ   Body System H - Skin and Breast
0J010ZZ0JXR3ZZ   Body System J - Subcutaneous Tissue and Fascia
0K2XX0Z0KXW4ZZ   Body System K - Muscles
0L2XX0Z0LXW4ZZ   Body System L - Tendons
0M2XX0Z0MXW4ZZ   Body System M - Bursae and Ligaments
0N20X0Z0NWWXMZ   Body System N - Head and Facial Bones
0P2YX0Z0PWYXMZ   Body System P - Upper Bones
0Q2YX0Z0QWYXMZ   Body System Q - Lower Bones
0R2YX0Z0RWXXKZ   Body System R - Upper Joints
0S2YX0Z0SWWXJZ   Body System S - Lower Joints
0T130730TY10Z2   Body System T - Urinary System
0U150750UY90Z2   Body System U - Female Reproductive System
0V1N07J0VYS0Z2   Body System V - Male Reproductive System
0W0007Z0WY20Z1   Body System W - Anatomical Regions, General
0X0207Z0XYK0Z1   Body System X - Anatomical Regions, Upper Extremities
0Y0007Z0YWBXYZ   Body System Y - Anatomical Regions, Lower Extremities
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