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ICD-10-PCS Procedure Codes

Section 4 - Measurement and Monitoring

section notes

Body System A - Physiological Systems

section notes

Operation 0 - Measurement

section notes
4A0002Z4A00X4Z   Body System 0 - Central Nervous
4A010294A01X4Z   Body System 1 - Peripheral Nervous
4A0204Z4A02XPZ   Body System 2 - Cardiac
4A030514A03XR1   Body System 3 - Arterial
4A040504A04XR1   Body System 4 - Venous
4A05XLZ4A05XLZ   Body System 5 - Circulatory
4A0605Z4A068BZ   Body System 6 - Lymphatic
4A07X0Z4A07XBZ   Body System 7 - Visual
4A08X0Z4A08X0Z   Body System 8 - Olfactory
4A0971Z4A09XMZ   Body System 9 - Respiratory
4A0B78Z4A0B8GZ   Body System B - Gastrointestinal
4A0C35Z4A0C8BZ   Body System C - Biliary
4A0D73Z4A0D8LZ   Body System D - Urinary
4A0F33Z4A0FX3Z   Body System F - Musculoskeletal
4A0H74Z4A0HXHZ   Body System H - Products of Conception, Cardiac
4A0J72Z4A0JXBZ   Body System J - Products of Conception, Nervous
4A0Z76Z4A0ZXQZ   Body System Z - None
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