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ICD-10-PCS Procedure Codes

Section 4 - Measurement and Monitoring

section notes

Body System B - Physiological Devices

section notes
4B00XVZ   Measurement of Central Nervous Stimulator, External Approach
4B00XW0   Measure of CNS CSF Shunt using Wrls Snsr, Extern Approach
4B01XVZ   Measurement of PNS Stimulator, Extern Approach
4B02XSZ   Measurement of Cardiac Pacemaker, External Approach
4B02XTZ   Measurement of Cardiac Defibrillator, External Approach
4B09XSZ   Measurement of Respiratory Pacemaker, External Approach
4B0FXVZ   Measurement of Musculoskeletal Stimulator, External Approach
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