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ICD-10-PCS Procedure Codes

Section B - Imaging

section notes

Body System D - Gastrointestinal System

section notes
BD11YZZ   Fluoroscopy of Esophagus using Other Contrast
BD11ZZZ   Fluoroscopy of Esophagus
BD12YZZ   Fluoroscopy of Stomach using Other Contrast
BD12ZZZ   Fluoroscopy of Stomach
BD13YZZ   Fluoroscopy of Small Bowel using Other Contrast
BD13ZZZ   Fluoroscopy of Small Bowel
BD14YZZ   Fluoroscopy of Colon using Other Contrast
BD14ZZZ   Fluoroscopy of Colon
BD15YZZ   Fluoroscopy of Upper GI using Other Contrast
BD15ZZZ   Fluoroscopy of Upper GI
BD16YZZ   Fluoroscopy of Upper GI and Small Bowel using Other Contrast
BD16ZZZ   Fluoroscopy of Upper GI and Small Bowel
BD19YZZ   Fluoroscopy of Duodenum using Other Contrast
BD19ZZZ   Fluoroscopy of Duodenum
BD1BYZZ   Fluoroscopy of Mouth/Oropharynx using Other Contrast
BD1BZZZ   Fluoroscopy of Mouth/Oropharynx
BD2400Z   CT Scan of Colon using H Osm Contrast, Unenh, Enhance
BD240ZZ   CT Scan of Colon using H Osm Contrast
BD2410Z   CT Scan of Colon using L Osm Contrast, Unenh, Enhance
BD241ZZ   CT Scan of Colon using L Osm Contrast
BD24Y0Z   CT Scan of Colon using Oth Contrast, Unenh, Enhance
BD24YZZ   CT Scan of Colon using Oth Contrast
BD24ZZZ   Computerized Tomography (CT Scan) of Colon
BD41ZZZ   Ultrasonography of Esophagus
BD42ZZZ   Ultrasonography of Stomach
BD47ZZZ   Ultrasonography of Gastrointestinal Tract
BD48ZZZ   Ultrasonography of Appendix
BD49ZZZ   Ultrasonography of Duodenum
BD4CZZZ   Ultrasonography of Rectum
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