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ICD-10-PCS Procedure Codes

Section F - Physical Rehabilitation and Diagnostic Audiology

section notes

Section Qualifier 1 - Diagnostic Audiology

section notes

Type 5 - Vestibular Assessment

section notes
F15Z08Z   Bitherm Biaur Caloric Irrig Assess w Vestib/Balance Equip
F15Z0ZZ   Bithermal, Binaural Caloric Irrigation Assessment
F15Z18Z   Bitherm Monaur Caloric Irrig Assess w Vestib/Balance Equip
F15Z1ZZ   Bithermal, Monaural Caloric Irrigation Assessment
F15Z28Z   Unitherm Biaur Screen Assess w Vestib/Balance Equip
F15Z2ZZ   Unithermal Binaural Screen Assessment
F15Z38Z   Oscillating Tracking Assess w Vestib/Balance Equip
F15Z3ZZ   Oscillating Tracking Assessment
F15Z48Z   Sinus Vert Axis Rotation Assess w Vestib/Balance Equip
F15Z4ZZ   Sinusoidal Vertical Axis Rotational Assessment
F15Z58Z   Dix-Hallpike Dynamic Assess w Vestib/Balance Equip
F15Z5ZZ   Dix-Hallpike Dynamic Assessment
F15Z68Z   Computer Posturography Assess w Vestib/Balance Equip
F15Z6ZZ   Computerized Dynamic Posturography Assessment
F15Z75Z   Tinnitus Masker Assessment using Hear Aid Equipment
F15Z7ZZ   Tinnitus Masker Assessment
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