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ICD-10-PCS Procedure Codes

Section X - New Technology

section notes

Body System X - Physiological Systems

section notes

Operation E - Measurement

section notes
XXE0X07   Measure Intracran Vasc Activ Computer-aid Assess New Tech 7
XXE0X48   Measure of Brn Elec Activ Comp-aid Semiol Anlys, New Tech 8
XXE3X27   Measure Pulm Art Flw Computer-aid Triage Notif New Tech 7
XXE3X58   Measurement of Cor Art Flw QFR Anlsys, New Tech 8
XXE3X68   Measurement of Comput-aid Valv Model & Notify, New Tech 8
XXE5X38   Measurement of Infect, Bld Rev Transcrp Quan PCR, New Tech 8
XXE5XM5   Measure Infect, Bld Nucl Acid-base Microb Detect New Tech 5
XXE5XN6   Measurement of Pos BC Fluoresc Hybrid ID/AST, New Tech 6
XXE5XR7   Measurement of Initl Specmn Diversn Neg Prs, New Tech 7
XXE5XT7   Measure of Intracr Art Flow, Whole Blood mRNA, New Tech 7
XXE5XV7   Measurement of Serm Nano Fluor SARS-CoV-2 Antib, New Tech 7
XXE97U7   Measurement of Nasophrn Fluid SARS-CoV-2 PCR, New Tech 7
XXEBXQ6   Measure of Infect, Lwr Resp Fld Microb Detect, New Tech 6
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