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HCPCS Procedure & Supply Codes

Prosthetic Procedures

section notes

Lower Limb

section notes
L5000L5020   Partial Foot
L5321L5321   Endoskeletal: Above Knee
L5331L5331   Endoskeletal: Hip Disarticulation
L5341L5341   Endoskeletal: Hemipelvectomy
L5400L5460   Immediate Postsurgical or Early Fitting Procedures
L5500L5505   Initial Prosthesis
L5510L5600   Preparatory Prosthesis
L5610L5617   Additions: Lower Extremity
L5618L5629   Additions: Test Sockets
L5630L5653   Additions: Socket Variations
L5654L5699   Additions: Socket Insert and Suspension
L5050L5060   Ankle
L5700L5707   Replacements
L5710L5795   Additions: Exoskeletal Knee-Shin system
L5810L5999   Additions: Endoskeletal Knee-Shin System
L5100L5105   Below Knee
L5150L5160   Knee Disarticulation
L5200L5230   Above Knee
L5250L5270   Hip Disarticulation
L5280L5280   Hemipelvectomy
L5301L5301   Endoskeletal: Below Knee
L5312L5312   Endoskeletal: Knee Disarticulation
L5859 Knee-shin pro flex/ext cont
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