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HCPCS Procedure & Supply Codes

Prosthetic Procedures

section notes

Lower Limb

section notes

Additions: Socket Insert and Suspension

section notes
L5654 Socket insert symes
L5655 Socket insert below knee
L5656 Socket insert knee articulat
L5658 Socket insert above knee
L5661 Multi-durometer symes
L5665 Multi-durometer below knee
L5666 Below knee cuff suspension
L5668 Bk molded distal cushion
L5670 Bk molded supracondylar susp
L5671 Bk/ak locking mechanism
L5672 Bk removable medial brim sus
L5673 Socket insert w lock mech
L5676 Bk knee joints single axis p
L5677 Bk knee joints polycentric p
L5678 Bk joint covers pair
L5679 Socket insert w/o lock mech
L5680 Bk thigh lacer non-molded
L5681 Intl custm cong/latyp insert
L5682 Bk thigh lacer glut/ischia m
L5683 Initial custom socket insert
L5684 Bk fork strap
L5685 Below knee sus/seal sleeve
L5686 Bk back check
L5688 Bk waist belt webbing
L5690 Bk waist belt padded and lin
L5692 Ak pelvic control belt light
L5694 Ak pelvic control belt pad/l
L5695 Ak sleeve susp neoprene/equa
L5696 Ak/knee disartic pelvic join
L5697 Ak/knee disartic pelvic band
L5698 Ak/knee disartic silesian ba
L5699 Shoulder harness
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